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  1. I haven't logged on in over a month I think. I thought people were too critical of Chromatic but after the last patch I don't know. Physical immune ogres and sharks charging through walls with poison gas and EV stun beams down just ruins the game for me. Also strength drain no longer working on bosses makes it so if you make a single mistake on a boss fight or you just get unlucky you lose 20+ minutes of time. I think what really did it though is how they said they liked how the Squire DPS was working, though they did think it was too strong. They said on a dev stream they wanted to avoid nerfing it because they felt balancing out the other heroes was better for the game. Then they just nerfed squire and I was no longer able to solo content I could before. I just wasn't happy with massacre survival progression. It felt challenging for the wrong reasons and didn't feel rewarding for me.
  2. If you can do NMHC survival Ancient Mines or Alchemical Labs starting from wave 19-20 do that until you're able to beat NMHC Promenade or Glitterhelm. If you can't, do Insane or NM campaign summit like Chpoit said. That's the bext EXP you can get. A lot of people get stuck in the mid 70s for a while because that's when EXP really starts to slow down. If you go on the Dungeon Defenders discord I'm sure you can find people to carry you through some higher level stuff if you're getting frustrated.
  3. This wasn't changed it has always been like this.
  4. The inventory changes look amazing. Thank you Phil!
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