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  1. Hi, I'm a very very very old-time player (first weeks of dd2 and played dd1 near weeks of release too) I had a (literally) 1 year hiatus (basically) and I have no idea on how to start, I have a couple lvl 50s all ok geared from their time (not great but not completely bad). Any tips for a returning player?
  2. Anyone willing to host today? I really want to play the event D:
  3. Le sigh.. Guess I'll be keeping my votes for that boss shredding, beef packed, tough talkin', dual wielding, ehm.. Barbarian. Can't wait till they release the prisoner class. If ya' know who I mean. (Cough Moba Cough.)
  4. dude look at dota, literally no purchases affect gameplay yet that make thousand a day, they started off of a mod/hack. this started of of a fairly successful title and yet they somehow cannot get their *** together you are right free to play isnt free but pay to play in a free to play game makes no sense as i said before I DONT WANT THE CHAR FOR FREE, i want it attainable without farming for weeks. if i cant get it by farming nonstop, no breaks for 48-72 hours then thats kind of unfair Dota had a ridiculous amount of popularity before it? It literally defined a genre. I mean if I were to estimate it dd1 players: maybe a couple of 10's of thousands. Dota 1:Millions. Heck even league of legends hides champions behind paywall/grinds, same with smite, hearthstone etc. I'm kinda wishing dd2 was just a massive paywall all together like £40 (or dollar equivalent.) for all the content maybe minus BIG expansions. I've payed £75 for the franchise edition for dungeon defenders, +30 for collectors, this abyss lord debacle won't make me quit dungeon defenders.
  5. still 13,500 gems here waiting to be spent.
  6. No not at all dude! I found it very interesting, I like the idea of the support archetype for a hero, similar in name(as in support.) to the monk but completely different in playstyles. Very cool! One thing to add maybe would adding numbers/scaling on towers or percentages. Insert shameless character idea post here= Kobold Lord Character Idea <-- Insert shameless weapon idea post here= Solarion, Blessed Blade of Eternia. <--- You could also make a weapon idea post :D
  7. I was thinking that for a second option since I guess a random level 1 could just (very luckily) Get this. The name is there just for reference, glad you like the idea overall though. I'll be sure to update it soon with more comments that people make (including yours :D)
  8. Eck, Sorry about the font and currently cannot edit because I'm on the mobile phone. I will change some stuff later and perhaps add more lore because I'm a hobby novelist/ lore junkie. Edit: I can only edit this post on mobile, huh. Anyway really sorry about this but if any MOD could move this to the suggestion forums would be appreciated. I'm just so used to using general forum with 90% of my posts.
  9. So. I was thinking since I like making things up out of nothing (Inserting free advertisement for a very old forum post here COUGH.) ---> Kobold Lord Character Idea <--- I thought I'd have another stab at it and try making a weapon up. The silly name is inspired from the "Thunderfury, Blessed AWESOME NAME" From WoW. It's called (as from title) because it's a very shiny blade thing. I know what you're thinking "Oh look here's another guy making a dumb sounding idea on the forums again, Next thread" But hold up! Stay a while and listen (I've been playing too many blizzard games) Update: Added a picture cause I like making things. Drop rate: I'd like to think this is a scaling sword that can be found at level 1 however it's drop rate has to be something stupid crazy like 0.01% on boss monsters. Drop rate: Can only be dropped by a single monster/s (boss entities.) again 0.01% drop rate for dem' RNG loots. Concept Art: (made from stock imaging and transforming it like all my 'works')  Edit note: Fixed LORE: The legendary blade Solarion was forged in the deepest, darkest, unknown depths of the crystalline dimension but not by hand. It's existence was shaped through the gravitational pull of an enigmatic anomaly in the core of the crystal rift. The molecular structures were pried from the atomic cells of the crystal shells around the area forming the blade itself known as Solarion. It glows a bewildering color of purple flames as it perpetually blooms it's mighty fire however the blade itself is the color that which of the sun's radiates through Etheria, That golden-orange hue which Legendary items are identified for. It's hilt has been infused with the Old One's soul after it had been sucked in it's gravitational field during the death and decapitation of the Old One however it was not the reason for the sword's power but it's empowerment. It was flung by an unfathomable and presumably omnipotent force travelling at speeds incalculable by man, ripping through dimensions, tearing through the rift and soon-after landing in Etheria where it resides, sepulchered in an overgrown tree, emitting a vast amount of heat from it's aura. Rarity:[Legendary (Very low drop rate though)] Name:[Solarion, Heavenly Blessed Sun-Kissed Blade of Eternia] Item Power: 10-Max+ Hero Damage: Scaled 10-1000's+ Affix: Defense or Hero bonuses 10-1000's+, Also shoots 'Sword Beam' projectiles every 3rd-4th attack. Bonuses: Lifesteal/Leech, Cannonball tower's set things on fire for 35-50% of it's damage around the squire, Radiant Aura (Squire emit's sweltering heat that deals 22-26% of the sword's damage constantly around the Squire.), Extra fire damage on top of base damage. Percentages are based on points allocated to Defense Health. Credits to Paolo my good friend, good proof-writer for my book and overall a nice dood. More concept weapons/armours/heroes in the future? Let me know for ideas, I'll give credits for inspiration :D.
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