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  1. When you play maps that could be considered easy for your character the servers lower you iPWR down to match the level. This makes it so it is difficult to do some levels on private. It also gets rid of the fun of being able to go back to previous levels and obliterate everything and farm. It seems DD2 went from getting your favorite weapons and farming on a map for hours to searching for high iPWR that don't roll well.
  2. Fewer game modes and difficulties. The game has just become a grind fest with players spread out over the dozens of combinations of levels. Many of these modes are simply stat changes and add nothing else to the game but difficulty.
  3. I fell like there are way too many game modes in the game right now. A lot of them are repetitive such as the end game modes and nightmare II, III, IV. All these modes are are stat changes and don't really provide anything special besides difficulty and redundance. Also all these levels and game modes will inevitably spread out players and will make the match making system seem very empty. I think the modes need to be simplified down to campaign, freeplay easy, normal, hard, nightmare, incursions, onslaught, and then that's it. Not 12 different game modes with some that have 7 different game difficulties each. I enjoy grinding but this is just too much fluff not enough content.
  4. With the new match finding system and game modes I don't really agree with all of it. I believe there's too many game modes. Right now you go from campaign to free play easy, normal, hard, then onslaught, incursion, then all the endgame easy, normal, hard, onslaught, incursion and then nightmare I, nightmare II, nightmare III, and nightmare IV. It's all too much. I think that with this many games modes once the hype is over and less people are playing the game that no one will be choosing the same levels on multiplayer. So no one will be playing together because there are soo many levels that spread players out everywhere. I also find it redundant with all the endgame stuff and with the multiple nightmare modes. All it is is stat changes beyond incursions or beyond nightmare I...there is nothing special besides the difficulty. I think the game would be better if it had a campaign mode with one difficulty, the freeplay easy, normal, hard, then onslaught and incursions which also have their own difficulties, then a single deadly nightmare mode that will take pure masters to achieve.
  5. It seems as though the largest problem people have with the wipe is the loss of their tokens. If tokens were kept or redistributed after the wipe I feel like a lot more people will be okay with it. Maybe they can just give everyone their tokens back in the mailbox, or maybe just give everyone a certain amount (20, 50?) as another gift for being in early access? Anyone else have any other Ideas?
  6. Will you be increasing the amount of betsy tokens you get for daily missions so that is doesn't take months to get anything of value?
  7. I don't know about anyone else but mine was way better. No more teleporting around or at least 90% less of it. Ohio USA.
  8. Will you ever be expanding beyond level 25 for changing up the endgame besides just adding plus's to it.
  9. On ramparts there is a massive detailed silhouette of an airship in the far background that I just stare at for days. Anyone know what it is or if we will actually see the airship someday on a different map?
  10. Yes the giant one that you can only see the silhouette of with the moon sort of behind it. Here is a picture of it: http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/717537222448841105/3D496F53E6C4969F5C32775A92B08EC3DED50F45/
  11. On ramparts there is a massive detailed shadow of an airship in the background that I just stare at for days. Anyone know what it is or if we will actually see the airship someday on a different map?
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