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  1. I frequently filter by weapon, armor, or relic. Before this Barbarian patch, the items would automatically be ordered by highest max stat. Now, we have Gear Scores, and I have no idea how the items are ordered now. It isn't by highest max stat, it isn't by Gear Score, it isn't high to low within item type [Marks high to low] [Medallions high to low] [Totems high to low].... In the pic, the first weapon of the top row is indeed my best item by both Gear Score and max stat. After that, there is no rhyme or reason. The highlighted weapon, Brand of the Inferno, has a Gear Score of 870; at the en
  2. i don think you realise, that the shard is chosen when you open the box, and you can even do it in tavern anyway.... Can you expand on that? I know there are at least some limitations on the shard based on where it dropped - since some can only come from C1 and up, etc.
  3. Thanks for the follow up! That's too bad, but also sounds open ended. Hmmm
  4. Let us know if you get a response!
  5. Thanks for bringing up these points, Immortal-D and Bubbles. I've been saving my Ascension Utility points because I don't know what to do - increased range is SO tempting, but I didn't know how much DP it would cost me, or whether it was worth it. I'd love to see more people weigh in!
  6. Drakiar, I hope a dev reaches out to you to get more details on how to make the game more accessible for you!
  7. This. So tedious! It's been really testing my visual memory - how fast can I sell and then quickly replace this wall while remembering the previous location and the slight alteration I need to make?
  8. Respectfully disagree with making shards drop only for active hero. As a not-advanced player, I would struggle having a non-DPS character active, but I'd still like to be able to get shards for my other heroes.
  9. Using the new inventory would be so much easier if we could select and move multiple items. Please allow us to Shift+click+drag to select multiple items in a row! I like the filter option, but I still want my bags to have some semblance of organization, which requires moving a lot of items from bag to bag. Right now, I have to 1) click an item 2) click another tab 3) click the spot I want it in 4) click back to previous tab 5) repeat Too many clicks for going through hundreds of items in a session! Every time I unequip a bunch of items, they go to the first bag that isn't set to auto-collect
  10. Geysers. Just fun to watch the monsters walkin all bad, and then POP, up you go. Oh, you thought you were safe from Skyguard tower? Mwahaha.
  11. Hey fellow defenders, Can anyone tell me why I can't equip this item to my Lvl 50 Apprentice? It is for Apprentice lvl 42. Thanks!
  12. With the Trials update, we've seen relics become something you assign to a hero's specific defense. I would like to be able to compare relic stats. I understand the mechanic can't be the way it is for weapons and armor. For example, you can only have one helmet equipped, so if you have Helmet X equipped, and you hover over Helmet Y, a nice stat comparison screen comes up comparing Helmets X and Y. For relics, you can add one to each defense, so in that way you can have more than one equipped. I understand that because of this, you can't just bring up stat comparisons when you have Relic X
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