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  1. So you're saying Mom taught them both how to cook and clean, so that justifies settling for second best? lol
  2. I'm curious? How so? Other than not getting the bonuses...which we don't get now. (I'm with you on the solo playing.) I do, however, enjoy carrying people. A long C7 run while carrying others (I don't even care if they're AFK, because I'm just leeching their presence for the XP bonus) will reward us with huge XP gains on top of the AP gains we already have. I'm assuming they'll stack. EDIT: Now that I think about it, us solo players will benefit from this because of the increase in junk gear values. We lost that with the last multiplayer changes, and now we've got it back. Same here. I'd even say that 95% of my green mods came from blues/purples...and from low chaos tiers while farming mats/shards. Onslaught gave me almost nothing in the way of mods, and I went to 132 before starting my AP resets.
  3. I wish more people understood this. Everyone wants a participation trophy simply for showing up now. It ruins it for those that actually want to put the time in and have something to show for it.
  4. Same here. Not once have I had an issue with a CB lane.
  5. Want to insta-melt frosty lanes? Put a Fire Servo, Anti-Frost Servo and Frost-Boom Servo on a ramster. 1 ramster and 2 bees controls any frosty lane...even Timmy lanes. (2 bees are for the non frosty mobs)
  6. I wouldn't call my mind great, but ours think alike!
  7. So health on bees isn't useless! :-)
  8. I haven't tested this, but does Vampiric Empowerment not work with bees?
  9. What do you mean when you say your account is lost? You don't see your heroes? It starts you at the tutorial? You said it brings you to the tavern. Try hitting I, then click on My Heroes and see if they are in there.
  10. Are you logging into the same Steam you used before? I assume you meant your computer was reformatted or something, not just restarted?
  11. I've been having a LOT of Connection Timeout errors, too. Just had one on map 3/3, wave 4.
  12. Only happened to me once. Map 2/3, finished it, clicked "Next Map". I got a black screen for 2-3 seconds, then it closed entirely.
  13. Amazing news! Not only will I be able to get more Destruction for gilding, but I (and others) know I’m not crazy! Thanks Mark!
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