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  1. Thanks Paloverde. I've already decided not to play DDA now. I'm not much for investing time and losing it all.
  2. Sooooo, I just start from scratch again, simply because I left the game for a while and when I returned, everything is gone? Funny, I just started playing DD2 again while waiting forever to get a response to this thread. I bought the $50 DLC and got nothing for it. I hope I don't have the same response from that ticket....
  3. The weird part is that my son and I stopped playing at the same time. He still has all his characters at the correct level. I've lost everything. I just logged in and see that I did get some gold. (A ridiculously low amount of gold for everything that I lost; 15k) Everything else was wiped. We really want to play together again, but not with me starting fresh.
  4. My son and I played 80+ hours of DDA, then abruptly quit playing. Today we decided to download and play again, and while everything went fine for him, all of my data is gone. He still has all his heroes, all his upgrade points, pets, etc. I've lost everything and have to start fresh as if I've never played the game. Any way to fix this? My Steam profile: Steam Community :: White Ink His Steam profile: Steam Community :: Poison UPDATE: I found my old save data from April 2020, but not matter what I do the game creates a new .esv save file and won't load the old one. The files have
  5. So you're saying Mom taught them both how to cook and clean, so that justifies settling for second best? lol
  6. I wish more people understood this. Everyone wants a participation trophy simply for showing up now. It ruins it for those that actually want to put the time in and have something to show for it.
  7. Same here. Not once have I had an issue with a CB lane.
  8. Want to insta-melt frosty lanes? Put a Fire Servo, Anti-Frost Servo and Frost-Boom Servo on a ramster. 1 ramster and 2 bees controls any frosty lane...even Timmy lanes. (2 bees are for the non frosty mobs)
  9. I wouldn't call my mind great, but ours think alike!
  10. So health on bees isn't useless! :-)
  11. I haven't tested this, but does Vampiric Empowerment not work with bees?
  12. What do you mean when you say your account is lost? You don't see your heroes? It starts you at the tutorial? You said it brings you to the tavern. Try hitting I, then click on My Heroes and see if they are in there.
  13. Are you logging into the same Steam you used before? I assume you meant your computer was reformatted or something, not just restarted?
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