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  1. I agree. It's one of the many stupid decisions in this game. If we had say, 40 different maps and trials picked 5 out of those to play with a daily rotation, I could see it work. Especially if they gave an incentive to doing them in a row, say better drop rate on loot and more shards per map completed in a row. The fact is, we have around 20 or so maps, many of them being 2-3 years old and we're forced to replay them just "because" with no motivation for doing so other than its the only way to get CH loot \ Shards. This isn't a god damn Moba. Trendy seem's to keep forgetting that.
  2. The fact that [[4370,users]] hasn't responded since yesterday despite saying that "he was going to change" and start responding more often to negative feedback is just plain hilarious. Not to mention that other users already called him out for essentially "going into hiding" for 3 days after every update hits while the threads pile on. Go ahead. Keep saying nothing. Because nothing is what you'll get.
  3. Saw this coming from a mile away. Seriously, I effing CALLED IT a few days ago. I'm glad that they proved me right, they really do not care or learn from their mistakes. Probably wont be touching this "game" for the remainder of the year, if ever again probably, they honestly do not deserve my money or time with this bullsht attitude of theirs. Call me back when this game can hold a 10k playerbase. Maybe then something would have changed.
  4. yeah, was never a fan of this myself. Will only get worse if we continue to add difficulties and mobs start to hit harder. Well, maybe one day we can do something about. Like a consumable that boost core health O.o Or...Since we now have an ascension system, how about using it and adding another passive to the Utility section? Core Health + Adds +1% HP to total core healthIt could also be stackable per player. So let's say it caps at 50 points, with 4 players that would be an extra 200% core health. It would also compensate on the insane (and currently BS) mob scaling per player, so having
  5. Believe me, I've tried that and double check all the time. They still end up clipping through them eventually, made worse by the fact that if alot of mobs start to pile up in one spot, they will start climbing over each other and bypassing all defenses.
  6. Yeah there's been plenty of threads about this issue all over the place. I also feel your frustration since until now I only ever lost a match because an EMP ogre or Berserker decides to clip through any barricades and ignore all towers in the way to get to the core. Between that, the low majority 800 DU maps and expensive tower costs, you can't exactly do anything about it since even making double barricades doesn't help.
  7. In the case described in the OP, the piercing projectile is hitting the shield as it passes through the enemy. As it currently works, the shield itself is not a one-way shield. I was describing a different case that is related to shield goblins possibly being broken. I usually play on my Gunwitch and I stand behind the shield goblins and my left click attacks frequently do 0 damage to them. That seems broken to me. Yeah, that doesn't seem right. If you can grab a video of this happening and post it on the bug reporting site, we'll look into that ASAP. While we're on topic about shield gobl
  8. Was it from Chaos 4? I've gotten that shard from CH3. Can't really prove it in anyway, but I could upload a picture of the shard if you like. Oh. I was wondering why the damage was so low. Not surprised honestly.
  9. The fact that we have a functioning server browser, literally created within the last year yet they decided not to use it instead giving us this big-wall-of-text and the old "create\join system" that we got rid of back in 2015 (2016?) boggles my mind. Let's not even mention that we're back to square one in not knowing who's just a leech and who's actually going to be a decent player anymore other than having to manually check each person. EVEN THEN you still wouldn't be able to do nothing about leeching, since we still have the same garbage vote system that hasn't been changed since the games
  10. We don't even have an option to sort gear by type\rarity per bag yet. (Filtering everything into 1 imaginary bag with the clunky UI doesn't help) Maybe one day..
  11. Whenever I have some free DU left (Which is never, since they apparently love having 800 DU across most maps, both big and small) I usually put down an obelisk. Move it to right behind the roller and watch it burn.
  12. Yeah, pretty much no other F2P charges that much for what's considered a "convenience" (Can we even call it that anymore? With the amount of junk\shards you're pretty much forced these days into buying bags..) Made worse by the fact that you can't really put 640 worth of gems, you need to do the full 10$ to get the minimum amount required. I wouldn't mind so much if 10$ gave you say, 2000 gems or if we had some sort of discount bonus for login in certain days. (Similar to Warframes 75% off coupons that you can get upon login) It feels bad when you want to spend some cash on your ex-favorite
  13. I think I had 7-32 bags and now I have 5-64.
  14. Or not overcharging on bags would be a start. Seriously the price's practically doubled.. But considering they have a 92,99€ DLC (Just a single DLC not all of them) I wont hold my breath.
  15. If they do then it'll pretty much show they didn't bother reading the forums\Reddit\Steam for the past week and their "we're collecting feedback" essentially means "we'll do what we want so F U" Honestly would not be surprised, seeing how they never seem to keep their word on anything. (Remember the 1st week of Abyss Lord launch anyone? Good times.) So yea Trendy, if your reading this, how about instead of going on a nerfing spree and "Lets buff monsters now cause that's fun and hard! amirght?" How about you make every other tower less BS? Or fix the mobs scaling over\Ignoring walls. Yea t
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