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  1. Will ps3 ever be able to play online again?
  2. Playing on ps3 btw, hope they let us in the serves again sometime soon =/
  3. Hey all, I was wondering if someone could help explain me something, how does the base stat work combined with dificulty levels, do I get better weapons and armour when I play on a higher dificulty? Is it worth going for tougher modes in survival mode when it comes to the base stats a gained pet would get? How do I get Katana's to drop and how do I make it so its base stats are considerable enough to wear it. At this point I brought a poisonous stargazer with 2k poison damage fully upgraded, I saw someone mention Katana's seem to drop at a higher rate when playing the The summit, problem being that the Katana's I came across all were at maybe 20 elemental damage and 14 upgrades while my stargazer began with over 100 poison damage and 20 upgrade levels.. I know that the stargazer is not a Katana but I want one without losing out on my current damage values. I just dont get how the drop system works and what I can do (upping dificulty modus for example) to get better drops. Like it doesnt matter if I play alchemical lab on normal or insane, compared to say the bonus level on medium all of the drops in the lab are dicardable.
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