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  1. I've been unable to play since the recent patch (hotfix from 23d of june), getting the following error that pops up right after it starts loading into a tavern. "Package 'core' version mismatch [package 0688C4124736C7C6034223879E32420D, info" I've be able to get in to a game after validating game files through steam, which downloads 1 file. This file gets downloaded even if the app doesn't start though (when validating twice in a row). In between rounds during that game this error popped up again, and I've been unable to get into another game.
  2. I can confirm it does drop from chaos 1! Farmed 8 maps tonight with a friend and just got my first one! Thanks for the reply :)
  3. Hello everyone! Just got back to the game after a near 2 year hiatus. I'm currently trying to progress through chaos 1 and 2 and getting the hang of the new shard system. These is one shard in particular that I'm very keen on obtaining, the destruction shard. According to different sources this should be either a campaign shard or a chaos 1 shard. I've completed both a few times (15 to 20 wins) now, and also bought about 10 premium chaos 1 shard bags, with no succes. Either It's very rare, I'm extremely unlucky, or my information is incorrect. Does anyone know where to find the destructio
  4. The empowering calm large sphere effect stacks multiplicatively. When placing aura's without any range bonus then equipping range bonusses on all spheres/items and upgrading the serenities to get large stacks, you can get insane hero damage. I've managed to get 1.3 million dps on my huntress this way, making short work of top tier nm4 maps! Hope this information can lead to a hotfix soon! :)
  5. that sounds like a bug, right? This fits my experience in onslought though. Only completed wave 15 once and got 1 golden egg, hosting each of the games myself.
  6. Hey everyone. I'd love to get some clarification on how to get golden eggs. I've done 5 onslought games (both normal and hard) and reached round 15 or higher. I have so far received one golden egg on reaching round 16. My friend who joined each of these games when already in progress received a golden egg upon reaching round 15 in each of the games. I was under the impression there was a 100% chance of golden eggs upon reaching round 15, 25 etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
  7. I'd love to get a reply from trendy! Still wondering about what happened. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, I've just unequiped a pet from my main character to use it on a new character I use to play with a friend of mine. When I got to the Forge it said 'sold 1 item for six hundred something gold' and the pet was gone. Given the fact it had 60 defense speed and 50 defense power at pet level 7 I'm quite bummed out with this. I'm not sure if this is a known issue (quick search didn't result any simular complaints), but I'd love to know if there's any way to get the pet back.
  9. In light of the expected stat wipe tomorrow, I thought I'd share with you the current power of the monk :)
  10. That worked! Thanks alot bro :) Had to look for the page to link the codes but finaly found it under my profile, in case anyone is wondering!
  11. Yeah but when the website lost our purchases we had to go in manually and open our email with our game keys and relink them manually back to our accounts (that's what most of the earlier purchasers did you might want to look into getting that out of the way first). Idk if the option is still up for atm since I already did it (and even then if you were part of this group you have to wait for your second half of the rewards). Now that I read this, I think I might be affected by this wipe as well. When browsing back through my email history I noticed I have two e-mails from trendy welcoming me
  12. Alright patience is no problem! Just happy to know my memory isn't letting me down :)
  13. Goodday everyone, I was wondering wether or not the co-op pack I've purchased october of last year should contain the collector's edition perks. I thought it should, but perhaps I'm mistaken. I thought I heard some talk about sending keys out for the perks via email on last week's devstream? So far I've yet to receive any keys, wether ingame or via email. Any help or insight will be greatly appreciated :) Greetings, Vale
  14. I've been experiencing the same problem for the past few days, wether in private or public games. It has happened both during the combat phase as the build phase. All occurances have been while playing Ramparts Incursion, but to be fair, I haven't played any other map or difficulty since the first occurance.
  15. I have recorded an instance of the bug occuring while in a private game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FfPt6K_ARc At first you can see that my monk should have 1968 maximum health, but in game only has 1932. Also seen is a geyser trap with 76 max charges in game, which cannot be repaired. The stat screen of the trap even claims the max charges should be 80. When loading a game the bug goes away, as seen at the end of the video. This bug occurs to me in I'd say 1/3 to 1/2 of the games I play and can change randomly after any loading screen. The green Lv shown on the items which I described i
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