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  1. I could see the downside of this in that where do we put in these options? Or would you need to add a whole new view for ranges vs. health? The amount of options you would need to cover what people want is too much I would think but the fact they removed the traps charges from showing and kept everything else showing seems backward in some ways. If you were to add in the select-able options where do you even put that in options? Would need to be a whole new tab of options just for customizing Defense View.
  2. I seem to recall that Huntress Traps would display their charges in "Defense View," but they no longer show up while in that mode now. I can see why it was removed as it would crate a large amount of confusion; however, it I find it made traps easier to manage and a way to measure the use of what traps in an area with ease. I would like an option to re-enable traps showing their charges in the defense view again, because I find it so needlessly complicated to check each trap's health to find the one you hovered over and saw in the red. (Defense View being the view of traps/auras/towers/walls health (but not traps), ranges and the like, using default key Shift).
  3. Mine got wiped too, but I didn't have near the progress some had. Went to public and you need to finish campaign yea. From what I could tell going to public tavern the quest-log does not see that you finished campaign and resets the quest-marker. I did a little progress in private working just fine, went to public again and it just had that I needed to finish campaign. Then went back to private and it was all back at 0%. So long as you NEVER enter public tavern you are good for the monthly I guess?
  4. Currently having the issue myself. Won a giveaway from a stream I been following for a while today and encountered the error. Messaged him after looking for info and apparently it is a fairly common occurrence in the system. Not 100% sure on who you need to contact but I assume someone will come around the forums and give you the info you need! The streamer sent in a report to get the issue fixed for my end, not sure what he did though.
  5. I have been going back and getting some of the "DO ######### Damage with _____." and whatnot in game objectives, and noticed I was having a LOT of trouble with getting my provoke numbers up. After paying attention more, I finally realized that the provoke worked when I saw the black squiggle cloud thing over the foe's heads, however only about 1 in 4 times I used Provoke would it show up. I started waiting a long time between using Provoke and noticed it was working more times than not then. My thought then was that perhaps to prevent 100% uptime on provoke no foe can be hit by it until the effect is off, so I took off all my gear that was making the duration longer and found it worked every time. The issue I see is if you have gear that makes the duration of Provoke really long, like 2 minutes for instance, why should you have to wait for both the built in CD AND the duration CD to be able to use the ability AND have it work instead of just changing the built in CD to the duration to actually tell us when we can use it again, or allow us to provoke again without waiting on that duration. Or even just making provoked foes immune to the same ability would be good enough, but if you have a long CD, use it on a ogre that dies, and another comes up but you can not use it again for another 90 seconds you are kinda screwed.
  6. There are a couple reasons I can think of as to why they would limit you to three heroes: 1: Makes it more appealing to play with more people. If you can not get everything done yourself, you can have other people helping you with it. This is also supported by the "More people in your game, better/more loot you get". 2: Allows them to better control what heroes people bring into public games without as much fuss about it. They added the fact you can change to any heroes in your deck in private games, but not public. The reason for this in particular is that either you can bring a level 1 into end-game content and make everything harder for people you are with (Griefing they feel), or to keep this effect they would need to always check every hero you have and adjust accordingly. With the Hero Deck they know for sure how many you CAN have and makes things easier on their end to keep the game how they want. Personally, I think we all would like to take in more heroes; however, I can see where that would not build the type of gameplay that Trendy is aiming for with this game.
  7. The point still stands that the stat is almost a detriment as you could get something useful instead of it as there is no point thus far that its effect is even minuscule. I is quite literally right now just a "You get nothing in this stat slot" bonus.
  8. I am just honestly looking for just a slight oversight. Somewhere down the line of designing the ALL the stats going to the person putting in what level they start appearing at, it was overlooked when that one should start to appear.
  9. But the logic there would be why would they put in the stat at all if they know that it would literally do nothing for all of the current content it starts to appear in (since some things don't start showing on early levels at all and you don't find exp on lv 25 gear) and for many levels after. Why wouldn't you just keep the stat for aura radius in the code but not have it show up on any gear until the gear's level would allow the bonus to do ANYTHING.
  10. Running 2 monks makes the showing a little easier, as my "Boost" monk is geared for boosts and nothing else and my LA (Lightning Aura) monk is geared for just the LAs. The boost monk also has better Serenity auras so all stats are different without changing anything. The boost monk has ZERO items that give bonus aura radius (for now at least), and as such I am showing as a comparison (as I did when looking for a difference) Took screenshots of the relic stats, set of each aura together, and of each aura the "increased radius" then the non-"increased" one. http://imgur.com/a/wrYRC#9
  11. Unfortunately event in the inspection there is no change in the "range" number, or any other number to indicate it changes anything.
  12. I got a relic that gives 0.21 increase in aura radius and I can not find any data on if it actually makes a difference. I have put it on and off, even changing monks to one without the bonus and can find no difference at all. Just wondering if anyone can tell me for sure if it is unnoticeable or does not work.
  13. While trying to look something up on the build in site feature it gets a little hard to find what I am looking for when seeking something about DD2 in the list of DD1 posts on old topics years ago. Currently trying to find more info on "increase in aura radius" yields results from DD1 about allowing you to change aura sizes years ago.
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