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  1. watching evs burn ogres so fast that nobody else can even get an attack in isnt fun, the ability just needs to be removed so the games difficulty can be adjusted properly
  2. slightly off topic but what do you farm for idle flow medallion drops?
  3. as of 2 seconds ago no private games are not working, only option is public so it seems the only way to play private is to let people know not to join
  4. so i understand you can buy the new heros for medals but where do you go to buy them? i see the popup on loading to buy for gems but where do i go to buy with medals?
  5. honestly i like the hero deck, the point of it was to make people make a choice in what 4 heros to rock together. Is 4 really too little? if you want the omg amazing most Op thing out there that takes 8 heros and you want to solo yah your gonna want 0 restrictions, but restrictions on max chars brings replayability as you try different builds all together. Just cause the meta right now might take 4 builders and a dps doesnt mean it always will, so screaming for the removal may not actually be necessary in the future after class adjustments and balancing. i think its silly people are angry on the forums right now threatening quitting if they dont get changes done in a beta game
  6. if you buy a game at full price then it goes on sale do you get the difference back? Buying it right away has its advantages and its drawbacks.im sure the price will be lowered though because the games in alpha and needs everything tested by as many people as possible
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