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  1. Endgame is designed with less exp than Free play.
  2. Don't worry. Onslaught will give 1m gold each round soon :)))... Well, put a joke aside. They always try to do many things at one time and forget important parts. Increase sphere price, reroll cost without no way to obtain gold faster. It's even slower now if u're lazy to pick up items, reduce shard sell price. Upgrade is still a huge gold sink even with 25% reduce.
  3. Without me, your luck is gone :)))).... Well, just wait for at least 1 week to play again.
  4. I'm tired of being what you want me to be Feeling so faithless, lost under the surface I don't know what you're expecting of me Put under the pressure, of walking in your shoes Every step that I take is another mistake to you... 
  5. I really wonder about the decision-making process of Trendy. As we can see in the previous wipe, we have so many bugs and lack of proper progression (no concern about exp after Campaign, no transition to endgame...). What's the main reason? They throw too many things which they can't control in short amount of time or underestimate the number of bugs. Pets, progression, daily, gears, boss.... How about the alpha patch? Same mistake. Too many things throw in one time. No monitoring after patch release. Lack of communication and clarification. Well, it's fine if people make mistakes. But serio
  6. It's not happened because of this patch, it already there in a previous patch https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/124098/is-cross-resist-boss-intentional And we still even don't have the official answer about whether it is intentional or not. Well u think it's a simple bug, I expect it will be fixed in at least 3 more months.
  7. yeah too ez. After 10 hours ons, Just check scavenger at least half hour before going to bed. And I'm not like you that don't want to check upgrade when playing for long period of time.
  8. Did u ever try to play onslaught for more than 3 hours? I really don't like these systems... Now if I play ons, I need to take all items, check and clean items regularly to prevent lags and disappear if they go into Scavenger....
  9. And after patch, I only see people report about bugs, but hardly see any developers around... It feels like "Okay guys. Let's patch and relax. No need to care about players and bugs."
  10. I believe there were many ideas like these posted long time ago... But they never look at it or intend to implement.
  11. I think iPwr have some problems at the moment. Maybe they intend to increase iPwr cap to 1000 but the loot system works wrongly. Btw, I want to have fun and challenge at the same time. At least, we should not feel underpower with normal mobs. Some boss, special enemies need to be take care and they should be the challenging. However, the challenge should not base on health or their damage alone, it should have several other factors such as abilities (invisible, invulnerable, ignite, call storm cloud to damage defense...)
  12. They didn't care to introduce it in dev stream :)))... it's just a few seconds that we can see scavenger silently reveal in stream.
  13. Make scavenger => People complain => Go back to TIB => No more complain about TIB.
  14. First I thought I should write a step... but I thought again ... Now how to sell items when you are in Ons for over 3 hours unless you need to keep taking trash and sell continuously for gold.
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