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  1. Yea I was missing your point a bit. Squire's 4th slot needs something useful, the dummy has been terrible since day one. So either a physical AA (only targeting flyers) or just don't have flying lanes with resistances................
  2. If before wipe you mean when there was defense speed, I do not see why that has to be so important. The best build I found was monk aura, surrounded by geysers, with aa shooting the airborne foes. Sure, they have grounded waves, but the monk aura was good enough I could just tank hits inside it if that was necessary. In my opinion having to follow that one cookie cutter build is not that fun. Granted, there may be cookie cutter setups now at endgame, but I haven't leveled my way there yet because I don't have that kind of time, plus none of my friends play so I am always playing the games they do in my free time. On the note of defense speed though, I do think they should do something about the ballista and the earthshatter? tower, with the way those seem programmed if the target dies they tend to reset aim, making them mostly useless so far in my experience. I may use them more once mobs live longer, but as it is I do not like them at all. To me it seems like since they removed defense speed they slowed down most of the towers to much. Most of the towers would be more useful with about a 25% increase in base speed and a -25% of base damage to balance it out. Right now it doesn't seem like you can primarily build with either apprentice or squire in the endgame area.
  3. - We had 3 waves in a row with zero bosses.................... - We had horde waves quite a few times and they just slowed down the whole game as all you get is a traffic jam. - Decent XP should be in there regardless, its nightmare 4................. - Serenity aura kept me alive (level 40 builder squire) in amongst huge numbers of enemies, bit OP. - B Button! , thanks! 1. You had an apprentice, right? Even as a builder you can kill them and they are dying when they do not move for a specific amount of time. 2. Hold down B and rotate your camera. You're welcome. 3. I think you could at least use Lightning Strikes Auras/Lightning Auras or Explosive Traps since they are very good if you place them in the right spots. Blaze Baloons could also help. 4. I assume this was an Endgame run? You are supposed to play Endgame content with level 50 characters, so you don't need that much exp. The only thing leveling afterwards are your pet and your costumes and i think that these are leveling fast enough. 5. Serenity Aura has to be strong, not overpowered but strong because almost nobody would use it otherwise. And it does what it should do, heal you and reduce incoming damage. 1. If they are continually walking on the spot I'm not so sure. 2. Thanks, last guy also mentioned that, will try in the future. 3. Guess what was being used.............. Nightmare 4. 4. You should just get xp at all levels, the higher the more you get.............. 5. As above.
  4. So just for a bit of fun earlier, some of guys who I used to play with regularly decided to bring my level 40 Squire along to a nightmare 4 run! Fan kept knocking enemies over here where if we didn't have a ranged character they really didn't feel like dying! We almost made it to wave 15, but our tanks were getting thrown around to much and our barricades went down. It was absolute chaos and my level 40 squire could only watch and try to repair the barricades! Trying to get a good shot of everyone and failing............... due to no camera rotation without char rotation So after experiencing this for the first time my feedback would be: - Every 3rd wave should have bosses, no exception, especially because mob loot seems to be very thin. - I don't think there is really any other setup you could use to get this done, which I see as a failure, if you can get your builders strong enough you should be able to use mixed builds with either primarily squire or apprentice towers. - Because you are doing 3 waves to every usual one this mode can drag if there are to many enemies, especially stupidly tough enemies. - You barely get any xp which is pretty lame, I didn't even get one level after doing about 22 waves worth over 2 games. - The gear you 'signed up for' at the start (by category) was 90% of the time worse than what the bosses were dropping. - Serenity auras are stupidly overpowered and the only reason I kept alive (while tanking mobs) as much as I did.
  5. Squire is the physical tower guy. We don't need him doing magic damage. 0 damage, status effect is a slow and tar effect which allows enemies to be easily set aflame
  6. Tar tower, mechanics already in the game, combo with flame towers or flame trap.
  7. Incredibly Situational, this situation depends if you have decent players or useless players. Hopefully once the social score gets implemented we can get matchmaking with people with roughly the same social score.................
  8. 'Flying' ...I don't see the point of this comment... I Read it a few times and still didn't get it, glad someone shares my confusion >-< Sorry, I was under the mistaken impression that lightning aura's didn't hit air. Possibly due to there being no combo so they barely scrape air units. My apologies.
  9. While I think stealthed units is an interesting idea, stealthed air units just sound like a pain! Unless it was a once in a blue moon sort of thing, once a wave you get a stealth ninja unit, if you had a whole wave of them and everyone is playing a squire..................... could wipe you for no good reason.
  10. I vote for a tower that turns in to a mech at max level and you can teleport inside of (so there are no extra animations). And use that to hold a lane doing the aiming yourself.
  11. How can you say that the drops were trash if you didn't even look at the item power? What level were they? What level/rarity/stats are you currently using for that slot? Sorry but, this just seems really silly to me. Item did not have the stats/type he/she was after = trash, it is that simple. I've had zero upgrades since the last patch and have had only one legendary item that was a contender with dp/ds, level 23 (about 23 hours for 0 actual progress on any of my 4chars).
  12. With some development I think this is a fantastic idea, the role thing wouldn't work at low levels but it would be great to see what characters other people have in their deck. + Hovering over the characters icon would give you a mini stat sheet, making it easy to see the role of the character. (The only problem being, people who are elitist will kick people with stats that are not "Up to their level").
  13. Slightly off topic but still talking about gear Which should be level 25 at incursion level and the only truly useful stats currently are DP/DS in combo which most gear doesn't have and then getting lucky with special stats on top of that....................... I've said this is a few threads and I'll say it again because I think it would be the most interesting way moving forward. Make it so gear does not have the combination of DP/DS and re balance accordingly. What does this lead to: - Heroes covering multiple roles and being more flexible in general. - Combination of roles such as Builder Squire and Blockade Squire. - Heroes being more interesting/fun/useful to play in general. - Apprentice aiming for DP/DS/AP (Feel like a Mage!) - Huntress aiming for DH/DS/HD (Even fully spec'd HD, damage is still lacking but........ its a start). Making alot more gear actually useful for different characters and reducing the grind significantly.
  14. While I like the idea of only allowing one hero, issues are raised...... - Everyone playing the same character and not having any combos.................. - Everyone getting into game and there are 0 builder characters - Needing a buff aura and having no monk - Needing to do lighting + knockup and having no huntress or monk etc. etc. (It would be brilliant if this was a separate game mode where you always start in tavern until you have 4 people) Personally there are a select few people I have on my friends list because they have proven to me that they are as good at the game or better than I am, not to mention know what they are doing. Usually I pick solo play or playing with them........... because I don't want to waste my time. Usually regretting it when I break this pattern (not always) e.g Got to Betsy boss on 25++ hard incursion then got wiped out because one person did not know what to do, standing on towers, getting them flamed, killed and wiping us = waste of time (I think I got some pet food..... maybe) A note on that: If its your first time doing a map, ASK IF THERE IS ANYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT
  15. Personally I think they should just have gear not have the possibility of defense power AND defense speed. This would encourage characters to be more flexible and cover multiple roles.
  16. I don't think you are doing it right. The heavy cannon ball is 40% cheaper than the balista, that means you could stack more of it to make it work. Balista, in the othe hand, has HUGE wind up animation, and has a hard cap in attack rate of 1/s, while heavy cannonballs may also have this issue, heavy cannonball has less problem aiming/targetting because of its small cone and it totally ignore air unit. I could say Heavy cannonball can handle any situation the Balista could and better, other than air unit of course. To me, the Heavy cannonball feels like the sweet marriage of cannonball and balista, only with a narrower attack range. 40% cheaper, yea, to put in place, rank 1........ which isn't very powerful whatsoever. Anyway, I'm not going to argue, this is just my opinion after a bit of comparison with the normal cannon then trying it as my primary tower in a build. It seems to be very very situational and the damage inconsistent.
  17. After a bit of testing myself I've ended up giving this uber a: I'd rather have a ballista / ten. The reasons for this being - It misses alot of the time (probably around 20-30%). - Its slow attack speed / slow projectile speed coupled with the misses is pretty painful. - To make it viable you need to heavily spec into dp (as ds does not scale well, then you have the speed problem). - The attack arc is horribly small, meaning if you aim it slightly off or the enemy gets past you are screwed. - Its dps drops significantly at close range. I can imagine them being viable on maps with a long straight area for masses of enemies to move along.
  18. Allowing damage heroes to completely replace the role of towers would be just as bad as having towers that completely overshadow heroes. Try to satisfy everyone and you end up with a game where nothing anybody does matters at all. Giving towers and heroes separate but equally important roles is the only way to make both aspects of the game satisfying. builders will always be essential but also builders can fill all the roles you speak of. I said nothing about roles. This is just gibberish. We are talking about characters who are built and spec'd to deal damage, which, at present, is lack luster. Hero damage is only inadequate if your goal is to clear entire lanes by yourself, which would completely trivialize towers. If your goal is to move in and take out specific targets which towers have difficulty dealing with, then hero damage is just about right. Roles: You talked about tanking (or kiting) and repairing. Builders will always be essential, if it was all hero dps as soon as you had more than 4 lanes you'd be screwed, please don't break up my statements to serve some purpose in your reply. The fact is hero dps isn't fun, and it should be. On that note, hero dps is pretty fun early in the game but just doesn't scale to the endgame.
  19. Great ideas! I've got one to add that I think would be very easy to implement Timed challenge mode - 30-40s initial build time - 0 downtime between waves - No character switching after the initial build time
  20. People should be able to play the game how they want, builders will always be essential but also builders can fill all the roles you speak of. We are talking about characters who are built and spec'd to deal damage, which, at present, is lack luster.
  21. Sounds like this uber is actually good! Could you do some more comparisons vs. dummies using screenshots?
  22. Personally I think the dps from a single hero who is fully geared towards dps (Hero damage/ Ability power gear) should be around the level of a tier 2 upgraded dp/ds turret with boost. I'm talking about the huntress being stronger than a cannon tower (Over 10k dps + crits) The apprentice being as strong as a flame turret (11k dps, Mainly from abilities). The monk and squire being about as strong as a lightning aura, probably having the monk being slightly stronger but less magic/ physical resistance (Around 5-6k dps). Even this seems like its probably a bit low, but it would be an improvement, I think the damage also needs to be unmitigated. This would make them viable for a whole game and very very useful during the first few rounds, especially on the harder difficulties which could have their difficulty aimed at, you will fail if you just rely on towers.
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