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  1. After having read this article and this article, both published today highlighting the lawsuit Trendynet has filed against Wildcard, I am just done with the support of you people. Specifically after the manner in which ya'll forced Jeremy in to resignation. Noncompete my ass for starters. You people ran your own games in to the ground and as a result developers as well and now you want to try a cash grab? It's blatant bull*** and I hope this idiotic lawsuit gets thrown out and Trendynet goes bankrupt. I'm done supporting you
  2. Yea, not sure what this patch was about or what the devs are thinking but I went from enjoying testing the game to.. not wanting to bother logging in in the span of 12 hours. I really feel that there have been a step or four backwards for every good thing that's been done recently. I'm just going to go back to ARK and EUTS and check back in in a few months and see if it's been polished up a bit better and some of these changes reverted. Have fun folks.
  3. Not a fan of this at all. I'd wager the reason they did this is because picking up all the items off the map for us at the end of the game was eating a lot of resources globally. This manually picking crap up is what I hated about DD1 in its infancy.
  4. True, but in the same breath you shouldn't have a near 2 year pre-alpha either. So go look down your nose elsewhere. The rewrote the damn game and pushed it to release a bit over a month ago. Im not looking down any nose.. it seems you and a few others keep blinders on though.
  5. Some people just shouldnt play early access / alpha games. There's a reason these stages of games used to be very small population and invite only.
  6. I never called for a nerf. I called for a Fix. I never claimed you did. Other people in the thread did though. The comment was a generalized comment. You need to quit taking every post made in the thread as a direct quote to you because you started the conversation :) It was more of a comment towards Xen, but even then it was still a general comment
  7. Theyve already said several times that the re-done NM modes are going to be pretty sick (specifically the last NM stage). There's just no real point calling for any thing though until those new modes are put out for us to test. The 4-5k hp ogres have been confirmed over and over that those were bugged and the new ones are going to be a substantial increase (so yes I think we'll be seeing the DD1 scaling finally incorporated). I've said it a few times but we need to wait until they push out all these new builds before we can really justifiably call for any buffs/nerfs. When these new MM modes
  8. [[7552,users]] I have 2 huntress one bult for hero dmg and single target burns and one as a traptress. Hero dmg works just fine in the role it is given.
  9. Tristaris No, numbers in regards to the frost nerf/correction yesterday in patch 5.18 so the boost to Boost Aura's is effectively halved in the time it is applied... making boost auras roughly 50% less effective with the stack spamming. At least, that's how I read that change to be - had hoped someone at this point would have had the numbers on it. tl:dr how effective is frost aura + boost aura today from what it was 3 days ago in current content. What was the total dps loss.
  10. On this note, im still waiting for people to actually put up numbers since the 5.18 fix was put in. I haven't had as much time to play/read forums last week so have been reading everyone else's info/tests.
  11. Yes. I don't understand why you needed to bolden the text? They made changes to address some of the issues. So what are people stacking to now that boost rate has effectively been halved? The boost aura + frost aura stack was how people were able to achieve such stupid, gimmicky numbers.
  12. I take it you're not a fan of reading patch notes. This was from 5.18: Fixed an issue where the Frosty Power passive was providing an increase to Boost Auras at double the expected rate.
  13. Hero damage is over rated. I'm quite happy with ability power. It allows for options and variation.
  14. From what I understand, this one slipped in. The person responsible has been slapped with a gigantic fish named Barry and will smell like salty water for the remainder of the day. Not everything can be caught, even the boys over at Wildcard Studios have that *** happen on every single patch.
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