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  1. I think they should definitely focus on this as well as other game mechanics this since this is how they make their money. If people have a bad experience buying cosmetics now, they will most likely not buy cosmetics in the future. That is really concerning as this has been an issue for a long while. It was especially annoying during the events which had the winter lockboxes. I hated getting duplicates on there.
  2. Thank you for the nominations! Tune into the Social Tavern tomorrow at 5 pm cst/6 pm est to see who is Player of the Month for March! <3
  3. Thanks for the nominations so far guys! :D Love seeing good people recognized for the helpful nice work they do within the community! Thanks for the examples!! <3
  4. Know a positive member of the Dungeon Defenders community, on the forums, YouTube, and/or on Twitch? The Casters Guild would like to know! Please post your nominations here and let's acknowledge our awesome community members. Each month one person will be chosen as Player of the Month! Here are the details! People up for nominations should be: Active in the communityPositive community memberHelpful to those around them Players of the Month will receive: An in-forum title! (Monthly Defender)In-game gems!The Casters Guild monk accessory! (The monk mask) Please do not nominate yourself or a memb
  5. I'm going to bump this cause I think this is a good question for anyone who streams DD2.
  6. What is the code unlocking? Most in game items can be unlocked by using the mailbox in the Social Tavern.
  7. Check out the tweet from The Casters Guild twitter :) https://twitter.com/TheCastersGuild/status/697598823376556032 - Kira
  8. o/ I still play the game But can I honestly ask: What other substance are you looking for in a map?
  9. Hey guys, I'm Kiraeyl. I've been streaming on Twitch for a while. My stream is here: Twitch.tv/Kiraeyl I am currently a member of The Casters Guild. I'm a grad student and a stay-at-home mom. I stream DD2 on the weekends, but I am a variety caster on the weekdays. The two games I focus on consistently is Minecraft and Dungeon Defenders 2. My schedule can be found on my twitch and my twitter. My twitter is here: https://twitter.com/Kiraeyl My Twitch is here: Twitch.tv/Kiraeyl My Facebook is here: https://www.facebook.com/Kiraeyl/ Can't wait to see you guys around my community! :)
  10. You're welcome!! I'm looking forward to the next contest too <3
  11. I have noooo idea! (but I like it, so keep doing it "whoever you are")
  12. Congrats Gigazelle!! :D Thank you for being such a positive member of the community. Everyone here are all great people to be nominated. I can't wait to see that sexy in-forum title given to you :D :D We will do a Player of the Month soon™. Watch for the nominations thread <3
  13. Congrats Shorex!! You won the first Screenshot contest! Hope there are many more in the future for everyone :) Thank you everyone for participating! There were some AMAZING screenshots! My personal favorite was Nature's reprieve :3 But I hope we do this again. <3 I'm saving most of these as backgrounds for my pc. I love them!
  14. Thanks for all the nominations guys! Voting has started. This month's Player of the Month will be announced during the Social Tavern today at 6 pm est! (On trendy's twitch channel: http://www.twitch.tv/trendyent
  15. Right now it is a basic system. As this goes on, it may be refined. All nominations will be put up in a vote for a private panel of people (The Casters Guild) to vote for those who feel made a positive impact based on the reasons given in this thread. Once those are tallied up, the top 3-5 (based on how many people were nominated) people who got the top votes will be put in a final round of voting. The top person in that final round will be the Player of the Month. This is why it is important to say why and link to examples showing a positive impact and goodwill towards the community. :D It's
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