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  1. * Well it seems that more people require controller support for this game ~ or it's not going to sell, there's an new community of pc gamers including myself, that have outgrown consoles dated and often slow hardware cycles, and that a new market of GAMERS is emerging that require controller support for their expensive hardware.
  2. * *No issue here ~ I'll just pretend the game is not available yet, and play the game when it actually is officially released, even if that could be months down the road. It will be my Birthday present ;)
  3. * Oh just received a flame Message from Bunnie etc. Nice ~ It sad when people on forums seem to have the need to accuse other people of having problems, when in fact they have the problem. * I bought the game ~ It happend not to have controller support ~ DD1 Did. I come to the forum to reuqest that feature ~ Like a TON of other features people have been requesting ~ It's still no crime ~ Yelling at me becaue...lol I can't use keyboard and Mouse is Rediculus and sort of childish ~ " I'e tried and still cannot play the game properly as with a controller. It's understood that Xpadder will do things ~ But still not persistnet than with controller support. * I'm glad I've finally have gotten an answer for controller support. My only issue now is ~ Yes Waiting for it to be implemented ~ Which could mean when its officialy released.
  4. * I bumped this thread to emphasize my sincere anticipation for controller support for a cool game~ I do not think that is a crime ~ In fact it seems that I finally got an answer as to where Controller support is. * From my understanding: Someone outside DD2 is contracted (Sony Devs) to provide controller support for the PS4 ~ Where they are now working on a UI to then be ported over to PC by DD2 Devs etc ~ ~ As to when this UI and support will become available is any ones guess, this is where someone has to speed things up a bit...due to the Relative demand for this support in the game, as a critical function to be able to actually play the game properly, it might be proper to decrease the amount of time without controller support for the game due to the critical need for it as a Foundation for playing the Game itself. IMO.(Already understood its only Alpha ~ But must ackowledge the new market that requires basic functions to play your games: See below) * If you guys can do us a favor ~ And Tell them we're waiting, as well the fact that you are waiting, then maybe they'll (PS4) will understand that this feature might be as important to you guys as the current features you're working to improve already with your own Devs. Note: I'm sure everyone understands that PC Hardware is the future of game profits. Consoles are cheap toys for teens and under. to say you make money selling toys is not a profitable business venture, for any Game dev IMO. To acknowledge a new Market that is now appearing is to embrace more capital for profits ~ Controllers are the basic function of any expensive toy (toy being $3,000 of gaming hardware). The people who can afford these toys are the ones that pay your Salaries.
  5. * I've been logging in here every day to see if I can gain enough influence points to enable the feature. I can then ~ Play the Alpha ~ And possibly increase feedback on possible issues ~ If I can't do that then I'll have to wait for the official release. ~Which could be up to this fall.
  6. * It is an issue because I enjoyed Playing DD1 with controller ~ IMO it's impossible to use Keyboard mouse right now.
  7. * I agree they should implement controller support for this game. I understand the use of Xpadder can Help play the game, for those waiting for controller support, but I don't know if the popup menus would be there to chose which tower to place down etc. You would still need a keyboard maybe. Adding controller support would increase feedback from people that play with controllers etc As I do.
  8. * Do you get the Popup menus when you use Xpadder iinisde DD2? I know DD1 had the popup to chose which Tower to lay down etc.
  9. Alpha is good to get the Final game working well. As long as there is an Official release sometime, this year.
  10. * How long will the Alpha Last? I assume Beta will be Next ~ Then official release.
  11. * I'm not upset because there is no controller support ~ I understand it is only in Pre-Alpha etc. * Controller options are available in the Menu : Adding this option seems to be far from being implemented, despite it being included in the options Menu etc. * I would START playing this game and HELP develop it and give feedback to developers if they can allow the use of contrtoller functionality via the Menu.
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