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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/id/mrbob91/ 
  2. how do you get wings ? is it a new item ? or its one of the effects on the map ? Should i capture the pics that looks like you?
  3. Hello. I would like to know, is it the way people value diamonds changed ? 3 years ago, as far as i know, people usually value diamonds 4-5 for a non-capping diamond, 8-10 for a single-capping diamond (tdmg) and 15 for a double-capping diamonds (either thp or trate), regardless either is it upgraded or not. Now, i see people looking (clean/non-upgraded/single-cap) in diamonds. Why? This kind of value would make my diamonds rendered useless for trading, as all of them are upgraded. Can someone tell me what is going on?
  4. wow. fcking hell. thats so good. 20cv
  5. AUCTION IS OVER. Thank you so much. XAtlas, please contact me on steam to purchase the piece.
  6. Last BUMP! Any Offer made after this will extend the auction for 12hours. Thank you.
  7. BUMP! Current Offer updated. Any offer made after 4hours of last known bid on the last day will extend the auction for 12hours. Be Advised.
  8. Bump ! Item checked and update the current offer.
  9. Hello. I want to auction this fine piece of gear. Idk, this probably gonna be dps (lolwut. hahaha) or a decent tower piece. either way, i want to see some bid war going on, as this trade section is lacking of. Currencies i'll accept are coals, cubes and diamonds, which is : 6 coal = 1 cube; 4/8/15 cubes = non-cap/single-cap/double-cap diamond respectively. I also accepting certain traced event items, please message me which one you have and we can sort things out. There is a hidden reserve, thus i have the rights to decline any offer that doesnt see fit. Auctions start today 15 Septembe
  10. Can someone check this please.
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