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  1. My favourite item would probably still be Blasticus or Van Wolfstein, though if we're picking what we'd want out of this, I guess I'd say Celebracers :> https://steamcommunity.com/id/afrandor
  2. Favourite memory in DD1? Hmm... Probably when I finally got a Nosferatu with the stats I wanted back in 2011, from farming the first Spooktacular map, that takes me back >< I farmed that map for a solid 3 weeks https://steamcommunity.com/id/afrandor
  3. Fixed for me now, thanks to "I honestly don't care" (actual alias btw) in the DDRNG discord, he/she basically sent me a UDKEngine.ini that he/she had edited to allow for vram to pre-render I believe, also instructed me that I use "-MAXQUALITYMODE" in the Steam launcher settings (I'm not sure what this does) Perhaps message him/her if you want this workaround too. Game looks like I'm used to now! :)
  4. Hmm, certainly hasn't always happened (though maybe under stress as you mention), I've never seen it before though and I've played a ton in the past. Looking at my past videos (both public and private ones) I'm even recording with many mobs on screen and they are rendering properly, yet here I'm just joining my tavern or sitting in an empty map and this is happening, so something must have changed
  5. Yo, back to playing some DD1 til DDA beta starts. This wasn't a problem whenever I played in the past, what would be causing this or how do I fix it? :) Not sure if a CDT patch has changed something in this regard. I've attached some example screenshots of what is happening. Some textures never fully load, such as the rocks in Mistymire, or the texture of Orcs & Ogres. ForeverBlurry :( System wise my computer runs on windows 10, 1080 gtx gpu, i5 4670k 4.0ghz, 16gb dd3r, game is installed on an SSD. I have settings on "High."
  6. Thanks, I've added those to the list. The up-coming patch contains a cool looking axe, of course it's also Medium speed. =p
  7. Not actively playing currently, was working on a list of which Axes are Light, Medium and Heavy. Here's what I had prior to taking a break; Heavy (1): Fury of the Angel Light (3): Elven Waraxe, Meat Cleaver, Iron Battleaxe Medium(23): Cog Slicer, Warlord's Menace, Mommoth Chopper, Molten Battleaxe, Cloudtech Axe, Infernal Cleaver, Shady Alchemist Axe, Tsunami Slicer, Servoaxe V7, Infernal Cleaver, Goblin Axe, Ramster Biter, Ebonfire Soulsplitter, Eliminator, Molten Edge, Mananaxe, Warmaster's Cleaver, Mountain Cleaver, Meat Cleaver, Iron Battleaxe, Vorpal Shadow Axe, Corrupted Hamaxe, Dead Wei
  8. To say "there aren't many Heavy axes" is a massive understatement and I think if you were farming for them you'd see similar results. Bare in mind I also mentioned the lack of Light Axes, not just Heavy Axes, plus Medium Swords. ~70 hours of grinding, as I mentioned in my first post for 1-2 Heavy Axe drops is absurd (I can only recall actually seing 1, but may have been 2), I don't agree that getting a generic Heavy Axe should be this rare; sure, when you factor in wanting to get a high Hero Damage roll and/or Ability Power or Hero Health secondary, that shouldn't be easy to obtain and curr
  9. I'm talking specifically about Axes and Swords, currently, I don't have exact numbers as I'm sure you do, but after hunting for a Heavy Sword or Heavy Axe for over 70 hours now, playing efficiently and even resorting to playing a Squire over my Barbarian in order to gear my Barbarian (more on this later), I've seen roughly a total number of 1-2 Heavy Axes and 8-10 Heavy Swords. For Axes, it's well known that most of them are Medium speed - a speed which in general probably needs looking at, as it's not currently competitive with either Light or Heavy, this exacerbates the problem yet would
  10. As topic, I'm looking to buy a high rolled Hero Damage "Light" and/or "Heavy" Sword or Axe with a minimum attack speed roll of 16%, the secondary stat must be hero health not AP, though does not have to be perfect and whether it's campaign or any chaos tier is irrelevent. My offer will depend on both the health roll and the aesthetic of the weapon though I'm looking to buy pretty much anything atm. Send me a message on the official discord (same name as here) with a picture of what you have Thanks Edit: Changed requirements
  11. I really hope that wont be the case. Stats are already inflated to such a point already. If you want more challenge, by all means. But if you just inflate the rewards to match, it's not going to solve that particular issue. Well i for one want more challenge, a lot more. But the thing is, new challenge does need to bring new rewards in some way - otherwise it's just empty. The thing to keep an eye on is HOW LONG it takes to get these new rewards - it should take long, it should be a grind, instant gratification is a nono. Yeah, it's why I mentioned a loot pass along with an increased di
  12. Patch does look interesting. I don't have an opinion on whether it's ready to be released though I'm afraid. Been a while since I last played, these updates might tempt me back. I don't suppose there has been or will be any difficulty passes in the future? Something along the lines of another Nightmare experience (read: new, harder, difficulty setting) along with raised stat levels.... Or, a pass on loot balance? As things like the Moonbase acquistion of gear was rather offputting to me (far too easy to acquire very good gear there)
  13. This. My GW went from (single target dummy) 550k dps down to 100-130k with this change, the spike to 130k occurs with the proc and mine are a low roll within the new bracket, so they're still a ~30% (realistically more given the aoe) increase. I'd say they're in a good spot now. No longer absurdly broken, but still a desirable item for autoattack dps builds.
  14. Afran


    I'd certainly have no hesitations in recommending it to someone as their first MMO. Sure, they've largely catered to the hardcore when it comes to the real end-game, which is mostly what attracts players like myself, however at the same time there's plenty, and I mean plenty, of content for those that are either more casual or completely new to such games. I haven't heard any complaints in that regard. Also, while it may put off initially those who feel they're missing out on content by essentially not being able to compete within the raids, they'll get to experience everything down the line
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