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  1. Do you have any plans for a community contest of some sort? Something like the individuals in the community could enter their ideas for a hero or weapon, and whatever was deemed to be the coolest idea would be placed into the game? (This is mainly because I have had a super awesome Reaper hero idea I have refined since pre-alpha) 
  2. IIRC, it has to upgrade into Legendary. Highest it can spawn is Mythical, then each time you "open" it it has a (small) chance to upgrade. So you can, in fact, get a legendary chest when it spawned as green (though I've never seen more than a double-upgrade). Yeah, this one upgraded from a mythical chest.
  3. Legendary chests are real! (Sadly this was on Dragonfall Sewers so it only had 6 upgrades)
  4. I... don't know how to answer that Ancient Dragon or Betsy Yeah that's right, i just went there.
  5. HA! i doubt Quab has any more faith in us heroes after killing him so many times for more loot.
  6. What Goes Up Does Not Come Down - Kill [x] enemies with a geyser-skyguard combo.
  7. It does make sense, if you had a wide swing you would hit more people too :P Also, Monks should be more melee in my opinion, whats the point of giving monks melee if your not going to use it? I think monks are like ninjas in other games. They have little health BUT deal lots of damage to quickly deal with the enemy before it kills you, which brings me up to my thought about this post. Not just monks, but all classes are too weak. It takes way to long to just kill a dumb goblin. DD2 lacks the awe of being overpowered in DD1. In not asking anything like killing ogres or bosses in one hit like DD
  8. No, what im talking about is a single bad guy that would spawn on any map. Not just on one level.
  9. Can we get a toilet too? my monk is battling a bad case of constipation but can't ask where the nearest one is because of his oath of silence.
  10. Yeah the apprentice really does suck. In DD1 the huntress and apprentice where the two main ranged DPS units. The huntress usually shot less shots but did a lot of damage at a very high speed, while the apprentice shot multiple projectiles at lesser damage. Each unit had its own style and perks. Changing the apprentice to shoot only one projectile just makes the apprentice redundant. There isn't much incentive to use the apprentice because its just a weaker version of the huntress. I also think that adding shots side by side like in DD1 wouldn't work as well with the new aiming system. I think
  11. There should be a monster that has a very low chance of spawning in any map, any wave (excepts boss waves). It would be super strong ( practically a boss) and act like the Dark Elf Warrior in DD1 which would ,instead of following a path to its ultimate doom in 5 lightning auras, jump around, mainly focusing on killing heroes, and defenses when no hero is around. It wouldn't despawn until it ultimately destroys your defenses, and you eventually lose. It could have teleportation powers to take care of those pesky builders who heal the towers before they break. And if you managed to kill it, it
  12. Its already been made in DD1
  13. Will the DLC characters from DD1 make a reappearance? Will the new classes also have new weapons?
  14. Will huntress bows have abilities such as piercing and exploding like the Soul Focuser and the Shai Hulud?
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