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  1. Just as a fun2play mode. Not something super interesting
  2. It is ok that u cant. There would be more nasty AFKers, who sit in their inventories
  3. More few hours... 8 hours incubation system is killing me
  4. I don't like the way you think. It is cool to make costumes for money, but not characters
  5. Also there is no different languages support in roadmap
  6. It will take plenty of time
  7. If they will do FR language in the game, they should do FR forum.
  8. There is software that can help u to use controler now, but I think that mouse + keyboard is perfect
  9. Our lifestyle changed. DD2 is love, DD2 is life
  10. omg. That sword is so perfect. TRENDY, PLS
  11. Developers said that they won't do something like characters for real money, only costumes. I hope that they won't do this game like farm 1000000 hours or pay 5$
  12. there will be way to use it soon
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