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  1. Agreed, if its been a problem for a couple of weeks, I haven't heard about it until now.....
  2. First, I said Huntress traps are good... so... why mention it? Secondly, EVERYONE uses LSA, even with cannons or traps. My point was I never seen a build that doesnt utilize LSA. I would love for someone to post a video on NM4 endgame Incurison without the use of any LSA. I would love to be proved wrong. Lastly, this post wasnt about LSA being the only viable option, I was the point to make other Ubers better rather than nerf the LSA. Amazing how other people miss the entire point of a post and comment on other things.
  3. I've never rant and raved about issue on forums before, but after watching the Dev stream I am aggravated to say the least. My man concern begins with the mentioning of LSA's needing to be "tweeked." Lets be honest... he means nerfed. Before I began to explain my annoyance, lets see how the current NM4 is done. Everyone uses LSA in NM4 right now, and for good reason. Nothing else is strong enough, yes, I know Explosive Traps are good too. But, there needs to be at least 3 people watching the lane for constant repairs. Its not like you can build then AFK like the old days. With LSA bei
  4. This is a known issue. i'm extremely surprised this hasn't been fix yet. It makes all Towers in game completely useless on NM4. Hope this is fix ASAP. Glad you posted about it again, the more posts the better :D
  5. ... no dev response? the daily were just fixed and this was overlooked?
  6. How am I suppose to complete Besty Incursion if there is no Betsy Incursion on the map selection?
  7. Im to the point on NM4, where I only get upgrades in small increments. The problem i'm running into is after I've upgraded some of my gear. When I find a new piece of gear, I'm unable to compare it to the ones equipped because I cant see the original base stats. I know some will respond by saying just add up the level power, but I've found another problem with that. Sometimes it gives 1 point per upgrade and sometimes 2. I don't know the formula they use. Suggestion: Make the armor appear like this Defense Power 225(+32) Defense Health 219(+2) This will show the base and the amo
  8. The main problem with pubic matches is due to the difficulty. Currently in NM2 and above you need specific classes in order to win. In public games, you get random classes which has no chance of winning even if they are all geared correctly for the map. Example would be an Apprentice(completely useless endgame mode). Its sad, but until the balancing is fixed, many will opt for private, including myself. For everyone who was curious. I'm currently in NM4. This is the character build we use. Player 1. Squire(waller) Switches to Squire(Tank) Player 2. Huntress(Trapper) doesnt switch.
  9. I hate to say it but, most people breaking into NM usually find a group and play together privately. I'm currenly on NM3 just starting NM4. Because of the difficulty I wouldn't even try to play those on Public matches. I would post on forums, "Looking for group to play through NM" add them on steam. And start grinding together. Its the easiest and most efficient way.
  10. [[73542,users]] Yea, a few of the characters are what most use. But, I normally use Explosive Traps, Flameburst, and Boost. its makes the maps fun :D [[30942,users]] I sadly agree . But hopefully that will change soon. I know the lightning Monk is OP right now. But, I'm not going to delete him because of it. I actually don't use him anymore because of it. However, this was meant to be 6 characters that can beat all content even after the upcoming patch. [[59780,users]] Never heard that before. you should beable to make 6.
  11. After playing over 300 hours into the game and adapting to the changes and patches in the game. I believe I've created the perfect 6 heroes to complete any and all maps types. 1. Monk (Buff Build) All stats into Tower Health and % of course. 2. Monk (Lightning Build) Defense Power and Defense Speed. % increase lightning aura attack rate. 3. Apprentice (Flame Build) Defense Power and Defense Speed. % Flamburst increase 4. Squire (Stun Build) Defense Power and Defense Speed (more speed then Power) % chance cannonball stuns. (% ballista deal dmg is great too) 5. Huntress (2 builds for
  12. Complete every map without Boost Aura's Complete every map with Apprentice Towers Only (or other classes) Beat Wyvern's Den without Skyguards Ect.. Rewards would be call for completing, but not necessary. I think just completing the achievement(maybe a title) would be a solid foundation for future challenges.
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