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  1. yea I've seen a bunch of items with a 0% for the new huntress passive as well
  2. Ooh, do you happen to have a link to where they mentioned this? Might be good to include in this thread. I made mention of it to them during their dev cast. I'm not sure that they actually understood the issue is you can't get beyond the main menu and not that going from social tavern to an actual game can be a slow loading process. (maybe it's just different symptoms of the same bug) I had a hard time hearing what they said in it's entirety. But yea as Tank said they said there's a memory leak and servers apparently aren't clearing out old temp(?) data regarding profiles like they should so they've steadily been getting worse and worse. Would be nice to get some confirmation that the issue is being looked at. I_PASS_BUTTER or anyone? Edit: so just went and replayed the dev cast (start at around 43:00, where the mentioning of the known server issues is). Sounds like memory leaks are slowly picking off servers one at a time. Though I did find it cute how they just chuckle at the mention of the known bug and reply "well some people are able to log in". Maybe we dust off that "known issues" thread and update it to let our community know whats going on? At least then people can have a clue of what is going on.
  3. same issue, tried the default settings but no go for me. mention it on the twitch dev cast but they seem to think I'm talking about the slow loads getting into a map which are a memory leak they're hoping to fix... some day.
  4. I think the vast majority of the community agrees with the OP. Onslaught in it's current state is crap. You need to severely overgear the content to make any real progress in it. And the gear doesn't scale at all. It's always the same level gear regardless of what wave you're on. Maybe my thinking is backwards but I'd think that you start off wave 1 with gear being for X level and then as you progress through waves the drops would increase in level requirement as well. Other than that you can basically accomplish the exact same thing by playing round 1 over and over. There's no reward for making progress to the next round. While you're at it get rid of "normal" and "hard", just make it one flat difficulty. increase resistances every X number of rounds and now you've got an onslaught that people would consider playing. You know outside of when they want to farm for a gold egg.
  5. So it would seem the servers have *** the bed. You're able to get into a social tavern just fine but you're unable to join any games. Private or via matchmaking. Just does it's little "joining game..." atop the screen near your portrait. Bounced between 2 social taverns and the same issue. Going by tavern chat it seems pretty much system wide for everyone. Who drew the short straw to work weekend coverage?
  6. no he's right I've had it happening to me quite a bit. I think it's more just a crap connection to the game server cause I've been seeing a lot of rubberbanding mobs too. But yea you cast the tornado it flies right through a pack of ungrounded type mobs and nothing happens to them but you lose the mana cost.
  7. you just have to ask or just say "hey my tower has ____ is that higher than your's?" I think it's the player's skill spheres don't get added into the calculation when inspecting others. At least that's one of the theories passed around.
  8. or just try removing a character from a slot leaving the highest level toon you have that worked for me. but yea the additional slots are quite buggy are far as them getting flagged as useable or not.
  9. yea just happened to me as well, this bug still exists. he was supposed to come out the lone eastern side lane but decided F that ***.
  10. the Def attack rate sphere (tower speed) for the #5 and 6 version both give you the exact same amount (+25) both on the tooltip and on your char stat sheet there's no difference between the 2.
  11. they supposedly increased the amount of mana that can be on the ground, but you're still better off picking up the dropped mana prior to opening the chest on solo play. I've had time where the few mana I left laying around were still there and other times it's disappeared on me. I would suspect it's easier to lose mana on higher difficulty maps as the amount of mana given by the chest is going to be greater.
  12. arcane barriers are crap, and from what I've seen over and over they do more damage than good with throwing mobs behind the defenses they're supposed to be protecting. Which just further adds something you need to micro manage on solo play. Flame towers, I said it back when they announced the shifting of defense stats around and I still stand by it. Putting the flame tower buff stat on trinkets is a huge FU to app. Getting a good trinket with a good pyromania % on it is borderline requiring an animal sacrifice to RNGesus. Which makes it harder to get your flame towers to their full potential. There's no passive (I can think of) on pants, why not just put it there instead? Flame towers are a victim to the wave spawn. You get a ton of them little gremlins running around, flame tower can hold its own if not better than say a cannon. But the less targets and bigger the hp of the mobs, I'll stick with my cannons even if it means eating a 35%-55% damage loss they'll still out perform flames. And they're still the most expensive "common" tower out there. Frost tower lacks especially when you start to add ranged mobs into the mix it encourages them to stay that C hair out of your towers range while popping your barriers. Earthshatter I honestly haven't used in I can't recall how long, it's just a slower, slightly weaker ground based flame tower. Sitting in the same sad boat as the ballista you can get better from cheaper options. saddens me but my app is seeing less and less action and that sucks cause I really am a huge fan of the apprentice.
  13. post 5.9 and still have yet to see a new daily, had one to hatch a gato egg day of loot update and have not seen a new one since.
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