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  1. DDA is the superior product hands down. Currently my only issues are that 4 stat, equal build power items all look the same. I HATED negative stat items in dd1, they were useless, but that doesnt mean there shouldnt be some big rng to where items can be super good in one stat, and not so good in another. 5000 build power items dont need to have ~150 to each stat, they could have 300, 50, 100, 150. That being said, DDA, even with the uninspired items, by a 1000 miles. DD2 shouldn't carry the same name. Edit: Typo
  2. Lol. Yeah I noticed that. For a game that relies heavily on gear farming and itemization, the control you have over your items when it comes to filtering out what you actually want to see, etc..., has been notoriously ineffective in all the dungeon defender games. This is not meant as a burn, but a criticism that I hope someone reads and makes a change. Would also be prudent to add an option to the auto-loot filter to type in a Ipwr number for the auto-looter to pick items above your input and discard anything below, with the option to include weapons or not.
  3. I do appreciate the suggestion, and I'll probably do that, I've just noticed occasionally getting a 1600 build power item at random when most of the stuff is 800ish, and I'd hate to sell upgrades. Hence my suggestion. If you dont have Ipower separated in options you can already sort by item power, doesnt seem like too much of a stretch to offer two different options when you have that box ticked.
  4. Can we get this added into the sorter? It would make going through a bunch of gear way faster, or at least make it apparent what is trash and what should be kept. Just a "for instance" I'm currently mid tier legendary equipment on most of my guys. Legendary gear gets way better, and if I were to not auto loot it I would be missing upgrades here and there. So when trying to not hold up the group, I skim all the new loot try and lock the pieces I want to keep and ditch the rest. If I could sort by build power for instance, I could lock everything above a known item to look at la
  5. I see only one item you should be looking at and thats the supreme piece right there. you dont have to funnel through trans gear because its not worth it if you can reach wave 32 on moonbase. that, and im pretty sure that you had your mage or your boost monk out, and that means around like 70% of all the drops are going to be weapons and i am almost certain that every single weapon there isnt going to be better than a mischief maker like the one youre using. if you were farming armor, youd farm moonbase. and youd typically only have summoners out so only armor would drop. if you were farming w
  6. Thought you might enjoy this: 70 Items to pick up. Stash is full in what 5 waves at that rate?
  7. Ok. So the pick everything over a certain rarity up and look at it later is the answer. You waste tons of time looking at items just like we do. You do it after the game is the difference. I'd rather just not pick it up to begin with. We mentioned such an option should be toggle-able. So even if it was not implemented in such a way where it would be easy to see and caused more clutter, you could hit a corresponding hotkey and it would *poof*. Darkened is also suggesting being able to hide items all together. If you could hide all the items on the ground, and only see exactly what you wan
  8. Hey, I'm an old player, probably like you. If there was an easy way to KNOW an item on the ground is over a certain threshold and worth picking up immediately when it drops? Why wouldn't you want that? Edit: DD's inventory system is atrocious, filtering through the box is like shoving bamboo shoots under fingernails.
  9. While "my work", as far as DD is concerned, is simply playing the game. I will indeed keep that up :) Thanks for the stamp of approval. Also, as I mentioned above. Plane has said changing the current system is really complicated for a variety of reasons, so I don't think that's on the table. Hence why I pitched the idea as a UI element. Again, thanks for your comment and support.
  10. I about 10 to 12 days ago deleted everything characters, equipment and started from nothing for fun. Mythicals aren't worthless. I've seen a mythical where you could almost max 3 tower stats. That's a nice piece of equipment. I have some trans gear already of course, but what about those higher tier mythics that would give me upgrades right now while im waiting for the right trans piece to drop, so i can farm higher maps, and more efficiently? Everything is a step to something else. Mythicals are hardly worthless.
  11. Been wasting hours of time looking through thousands of pieces of garbage every game since January of 2012. I'm just asking for a better pointer.
  12. That's fine, and I agree with that. However, I believe everyone could benefit from a most basic one, hence why I was suggesting the most simple form which just displays total stats of a certain variety. I must, however, disagree with the current state of loot being ok the way it is, for anyone that plays for longer than a couple hours is going to start realizing that the green is not what its supposed to be and if they've played any game with gear in it, I bet they look through the options to see if there's a different filtration mechanic. I just did a fresh start. I literally deleted all
  13. Almost every game I've spent considerable time in, is a farming game, I love grinding for gear. What I don't necessarily like is spending hours grinding with a lingering sensation in the back of my head that i potentially threw away something worth picking up. With that said, I have talked to plane briefly about my post in the Update 4 QoL thread, and she said changing the way the game evaluates upgrades is more complicated for a variety of reasons. Understood. However, from what I have seen added, UI elements seem to be things that can be altered and added. The actual suggestion: Add a to
  14. I can't believe the most obvious QoL suggestion is absent this thread. Different loot filtration. Maybe this has been nixed elsewhere? I'm not asking for much, A very useful and very easy way to do this would be a single UI element checkbox in the options somewhere that simply runs a different check for 'better' loot. I just want it to compare total tower stats versus currently worn item tower stats. Item on ground has 124 TH, 212 TS, 212 TD, and 200 TR, totaling 748 tower stats. Item worn has 350 TH, 270 TD, and 100 TR totaling 720 tower stats. meaning item on ground shows as better. The
  15. Thanks for this. I'll look into this. As a note: Community management for DDE is up to Nom Nom. If you ever need to report anything to me, please send me a PM, and I'll look into it right away. Appreciate the reply, evidently Infested ruins is also a map thats unreachable, however I wouldn't know because i can't unlock it do to not being able to play Omenak, heh.
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