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  1. so i was playing on a privet tavern did the first new Halloween map finished it go to tavern i start falling press esc to go to the public one to see if it fixes the problem but it doesn't (i dont wanna be opening and closing the game to fix this)
  2. i know but i dont get the option to change gato and creeper eggs to premium ones
  3. i know theirs some they dont show up on the option to hatch eggs help!
  4. i finished it 4 times idk is it bugged? do i gotta b a certain lvl to complete it ?
  5. or it would be nice if they stack up to 100
  6. well its not gonna be the same as the monk its different monk heals and mystic is more like a hero damage buffer for falling star i was thinking it could be a trap that looks like a galaxy and once stepping on the galaxy a star falls and vortex would work like the beautiful picture below and would kinda be like geyser but no drenched in water
  7. Mystic  basic attacks fires a ray of color (depending on what stance she is on) red = fire green = poison blue = ice purple = lightning secondary needs to b charged and it fires a rainbow ray that combines all 4 skills red/fire (smoken) stance makes attacks fire attacks, may leave them burning green/poison (intoxicate) stance makes attack poison attacks, may leave them poisoned blue/ice (absolute zero) stance makes attacks ice attacks, may leave them frozen bless it be give an aura of the last stance you used to player near you towers flower petals like monks aura it makes
  8. so wen i played dd1 id like to use different weapons and farm them too, just because of the different color projectiles for example the monk weapon Prism Glaive that had rainbow projectiles apprentice had different mana bomb and projectile color huntress chicken gun the portal gun and crystal tracker also huntress weapons arnt cool looking they dont glow or light up so i suggest adding different color projectiles ? sorry if i dunnt make sense.. or if its been suggested b4 just got excited seeing new influence and tough i can finally craft the perfect item.
  9. The rewards mentioned in the 24.99 game will be received by purchasing it, the ones mentioned in the collectors edition belong to collectors edition only. The rewards are different. ah sorry i just found it on steam store thanks n.n
  10. im a little confused i got the game for 24.99 do i qualify for the rewards or is it only the people who bought the collectors edition ?
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