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  1. WIPE EVERYTHING ! At least keep char names, and give everyone title or somehow a customized outfit or gear because of the wipe thing. It's still alpha after all ! Actual game is unfair, unbalanced so go for it. Complaining people can leave the game, those are certainly part of the toxics players using bug exploits to "farm legs" or "gimme your mana & lemme build or i rage quit" kind thing ...
  2. OnyStyle quote: But if that happened, what happens to the towers when someone leaves? Where do those turret counts go? Or should they just be refunded on all of the mana that was spent into building those turrets? (Although this could possibly be abused if people purposely leave to sell their turrets.) And then obviously each map may have different DU counts. And then split accordingly. Well DU is divided into the number of player so, if a player leave, his DU's are shared with remaining people. If a new player comes, the remaining DU not used belong to him according to the limit per player. When a player is left, everyone can sell his tower or keep them. When a new player comes to the game, the limit change for everyone so, building a new tower would be restricted or not depending on the DU already used by the player. Let's take an example : The game start with 2 players with 600 DU each, 1200DU in total. Player1 build for 500 DU and player2 for 400 DU. A third player arrives. Now there is 400 DU per player allowed. At that point player1 has an extra 100 DU used that should belong to Player3. Well it's ok ... last arrived has only the remaining BUT : player2 and player1 can't build anymore because they've reached the max allowed per player (400). If player1 sells some towers let's say for 120DU, the 100 DU missing to player3 will return to him. Now player1 can only build for his remaining 20 DU only. Finaly player2 leaves the party. Player1 & player3 can sells player2's towers and can now build each for 600 DU... or keep the towers. Keep in mind that, because of the build limitation, players have to share their extra mana to let the others build their parts. With such game mode, it encourages team work and discussionin order to organize the defense together. Everyone, please if you like the idea, like this post. Maybe Trendy will take a look at it ^^
  3. I suggest another thing : limit tower creation by the number of players. 4 players = each player can build up to 300 DU ; 2 players, 600 DU and so on. That way every one would be concerned to make a good build together. Each player have up to 3 characters to switch to and to provide a good defense. But you're wondering, what if a player has just bump 25 and has no good gear ? Well ... are you afraid of a little more challenge ? Well geared people can just mix their towers with lower ones to balance the defense power plus can use a dps character for further help maybe. I am conviced that this kind of game mode would encourage team, discussion and more fun than the usual "drop me your mana, let me build and go afk waiting your legendaries" stuff.
  4. - Can we expect a kind of player blacklist in game to avoid playing with toxic players(cheaters, kick abusing, afk etc) on next games ? - What do you think about exploits in game? For example a lot of people used boots bug to instant kill Betsy and farm items, or exp their costume. Now it makes the whole game unbalanced. So please, can you take some actions like account ban for few days, a jail system or whatever...?
  5. Hi all, I have done many times the mission "Win Liferoot Forest on Free Play+" many time and first i got 3 wyvern tokens. Besides its checkbox is still not checked like at the daily mission's guy. But now days have passed and i still have this mission that does not update. Any clue ? Server problem ? Anyone got the next mission ?
  6. XP is all ya need, hey hey ! : player don't grab any loot during all waves Bunny me : jump over than 200 times in a game Just in time : complete a game with main core at 5% of life Addicted : 20h in a raw connected to the game
  7. Hi Trendy and others, The idea is to be able to keep the same character but to be able to swich between two set of gears. This would allow solo-ing people to swich character's stuff for tower building or dps and not turn to the standard Squire dps/Mage tower/Monk tower.
  8. 1) Can you give some feedback about high end stuff/legendary items? Actually, it's weird to have blue/mystic item being classified as better (item power and stats) than legendaries ones. Is it on purpose ? Or maybe there's some kind of bonuses when we have all same type of legendary gears that i'm not aware of ? 2) What do you think about improving the forge ? Something like adding random stats depending on the quality or stats from stuff used for the upgrade. I would be really happy to be able to craft "unique" weapons based on my choices with carefully selected items during the upgrade process...
  9. Hi guys ! I suggest to keep the drop rate BUT to improve the upgrade process. For example what about having a small chance to get a (random?) bonus stat while upgrading with full 'bad' legendaries ? I would be fun to grind and would also give some chances to every one to get something descent and even make use of the game economics (let's be honnest : after buying all premium bags, gold is stacking unless you got new gears to upgrade... Nothing is useful at the merchants in the tavern ...). Plus, if this added stat is random, you can have potentially a "unique" weapon unless someone got the same gear and the same bonus than yours... Think about it !
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