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  1. I was about to post those. Anyway to make it look nicer: 4 on 6 you've already seen The secret was hinted at the dev stream with 3 others you'll be fine what is it about this shrine?
  2. Somewhere around the 36 min it gets mentioned in the Devstream [[8825,hashtags]] This troll devs, nothing clear :(. but i like the BOB ROSS PART [[8826,hashtags]] [[8827,hashtags]] I take you watch twitch stream marathon of all the bob ross episodes
  3. Somewhere around the 36 min it gets mentioned in the Devstream [[8825,hashtags]]
  4. can anyone join that group? or is it just you and your friends group? also damn, I thought it might have something to do with the temple because I found it odd that there is a ramp that allows you to go up there for no particular reason, oh well :( Anyone can join http://steamcommunity.com/groups/DDLFG
  5. Also I just tested out with 4 friends from my steam Dungeon Defenders Group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/DDLFG 4 different heroes with the artifact buff on on each of the pillars around the sub-objective(artifact/temple/gazebo) so not seem to work.
  6. I hope they will not remove the maps for sake we need find about the secret. They already stated they will remove neither the secret nor the map. But there is apparently another secret they intend to remove. Which i do not know. It relates to that they said there were 2 secrets during the event
  7. Going by Esoraths quote It would appear that you need 4 people. And this is just me assuming, but I think it has something to do with the roof of the "temple" where in the artifact is. Either way Trendy, Esorath, Collin, I_Pass_butter: Please give us at least a tangible hint for crying out loud. Or make a post that is the collection of all the hints you have given us. In another story I hear there is suppose to be another secret, or was another secret, that people have found, what was that? the spooky ghosts?
  8. What are the 2 secrets on the spooky Halloween maps? and how do you trigger them?
  9. Q.Q Could you please carry me through the 2nd map? Cause my NM 1 ½ gear is clearly not enough. That and I only have an apprentice that is level 50 no dps.
  10. I actually have an additional problem to that as I sometimes have random titles that I can not set. Like the bonecollector title from the picture, cause I do not have the spooky grave pack(or whatever it is called) since if i did I would have been wearing it in the picture.
  11. There is not. The problem, as stated, is that I have also defeated the other spooky heroes and therefore should also have titles for dealing with those, HOWEVER i do not have said titles.
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