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  1. Come on people this game needs long term stuff as well. Gear can't be the only thing we always farm for. Pet food to evolve our pets is a great resource to farm with gear. I promise it will be a lot faster when you have 50million gold stored up and u get a new pet to evolve. Since there is the gold option as well y'know.
  2. Question 1: How about thinking just a little bit about the pet evolution again, and make the small hatchling pets evolve into the bigger ones. The eggs should only hatch into the hatchlings which then can be evolved to become bigger, make the rarity the factor we hatch them for, why couldnt all the pet types be hatchable in all rarities. Since you wanted premium pets to be the only pets with visual evolution, make them glow, make them cooler than the normals that just grow in size. It's a bit... ridicilous this way, eggs hatching grown ups and useless hatchlings that no one wants because of their rarity. Question 2: We need more maps or ALL of the maps with the same 840-855IP range for endgame. Or change the onslaught IP range to 840-855 so we wouldnt have to play it for 10 hours to get the same gear. I'm sure you understand why. Thank you.
  3. Reroll the only Defense Power stat it shows in the options and change it to something else. Ta Da!! You have now 2 stats again. Worked for me.
  4. Well I surely can because I tried the same for min/max purposes. Reroll the only Defense Power stat it shows in the options and change it to something else. Ta Da!! You have now 2 stats again. Worked for me.
  5. Those eggs are stuck in the temporary bag because they are duplicates of the ones you have got, best way to go is let them autosell themselves there so you won't cause yourself any bagspace problems with them being stuck in there instead. All the onslaught rewards seem to create a duplicate in your temporary items atm.
  6. The additive CritDmg stat for defenses is not working well at all at this point, the more damage and dps and the stronger gear we have the less it matters. The only defenses that seem to be balanced with the additive critdamage are Lightning aura and Skyguard tower on monk. For example with my current gear my LA gets 25% more DPS at tier 1 with the stats, and 12% at tier 5. Lightning strikes aura is just horrible with this.. the additive dmg is so tiny that dps increase is below 1%, so it's completely insignificant. My suggestion is, make the base crit damage on defenses for example 1,1x and then with the stats on gear we would be able to build it up to 2x or more than that. The additive damage just doesnt work if it doesnt increase when we upgrade the towers. And it seems silly that there is an exact number on the gear and it would be different for some defenses. Like LA gets the number 1:1 and LSA would get it 1:10 to get the same effect.. wasted time to balance it like that for every tower when you can just go with the mulpliers and it's balanced between all the towers right away basing on the tower dmg. (/ ( * _ * ) \)
  7. The quest system is acting.. odd.. They are not daily quests, you have the same until u replace it or complete it, you get more of them in 1min - 24hours after completion, lots of them are bugged so cant be done. And you alrdy mentioned that we have no idea what we get when we complete them or take them. 1 player had only 1 until 49, another until 44, I had them after 40 at some point. Just a little bugs and ants, I guess.
  8. You hatch it, 8hours. You get the egg instantly in your bag.
  9. I just tried it and I got to say, yes it deals great damage. But it can't be placed on any lane where monsters can walk, or especially bosses or Ogres spawn because they are squishy and get destroyed. You would have to place them somewhere high enough to not get hit by ogre jump or monsters and blockade so they get to attack long enough to kill something. But ya great damage, good idea. Make them auras with % hp and then you have a tower. Unusable. Other option would be cannonball uber type range/radius so they get to be behind walls and attack from there.
  10. The topic isn't drop rates its drop stats. There is a lack of drops with combined DP/DS stats. These two stats are most commonly found on level 25 items in the past. Ergo the question why are we subjected to drop stats that are lower in the maximum difficulty possible? There isn't any changes to the drop rates of specific stat combinations either.. And most of the parts with DP DS that I've got before this patch were in the 22-24 items since they were dropping more. The difference between 22-24 lvl items and 25 items is marginal, the stat value difference in those parts is all about min/max. Any of the maps can be completed with full 22-24 legendaries, the lvl 25 parts are all about getting the perfect maximized gear. I don't think the drop rates or stat combination rates should be adjusted around that.
  11. [[52650,users]] there hasn't been any changes to the drop rates in this patch or foundation 2 patch. Foundation 1 was the update that changed the rates and they have been the same since then. I haven't noticed any difference in the rates, there is nothing in patch notes about changing the rates, there is no difference in the rates. Play more to nullify the RNG.
  12. How can you say that the drops were trash if you didn't even look at the item power? What level were they? What level/rarity/stats are you currently using for that slot? Sorry but, this just seems really silly to me. Item did not have the stats/type he/she was after = trash, it is that simple. I've had zero upgrades since the last patch and have had only one legendary item that was a contender with dp/ds, level 23 (about 23 hours for 0 actual progress on any of my 4chars). He said they had stats like hp/dp and ap/ds. DP and DS are both stats useful for builders (which I assume he is looking for). Thus, without looking at item level, you can't automatically discount those pieces as trash. It's been awhile since of looked, but a 25 legendary with DP or DS will beat out any mythic and I think any dual piece legendary up to level 22 or 23. Dear Omamba, bc has full legendary DP and DS gear, any part without both of the stats is automatically trash, what he is looking for is Legendary item with both of the stats, when he finds that there are still some requirements for it, the stats have to be rolled higher than he already has - which doesnt happen very often, of course there is a case like this: you have DP DS gloves but no LA rate on them - new ones with same DS and no DP but with LA rate could be better. But that's also very rare. For new players there is a lot less "trash" - someone's trash is someone's treasure. The actual itempower doesn't matter at all, 158 may have higher rolls than 163, lvl 23-24 130 item may have higher rolls than 163 item. But all this getting no upgrades talk is about min/max.. I don't know if the rates should even be adjusted based on that, probably not. There should be other stuff that people do the playing for, not just maxing out their gear. IMO the rates are actually good at the moment, with just couple hundred hours of grinding you have already farmed yourself a big bunch of builder gear and should be looking for min/max now, which is totally not needed to complete any map = Completed the game and the rest you can do is for.. perfection that gives you some serious pleasure? I don't really know what there should be to get rid of this.. Crafting system for our costumes, so we would collect ingredients to make something cool looking? Farming wyvern tokens wouldn't solve anything it's just for some ubers and betsy egg, that's perfectly fine as a daily. Level cap to 500 and 5000 more maps? Would definitely add something else than gear maxing to the game but would players even reach the endgame before killing themselves playing this? I'd guess this also requires like 100years of work for current amount of employees on trendy. Pets are adding something like this once we get to evolve them and have abilities and more of them "Gotta catch 'em all"
  13. So is this with or without the prepatch LA rates on gear? You can get it only on gloves now. I'd be more than 100% sure that you have more than 1 LA rate on your gear to have that with those points and that rate. So my is 2182 dps, sotilas has even more than me but I dont think he follows forums too much :3 [[73785,users]]
  14. PDT is clearly meant to be that way, Attack rate increases with DS but the poison rate is only affected by the special stat. Why, because they felt like it when they made it. And there probably are other hard caps for the defenses like the ballista one. Maybe it would break the animation or engine O_o or cause crashes or other some sort of errors or maybe they just felt like it after couple beers. But I think you should add a suggestion in this one if you post it in the suggestions. Could just ask it on a devstream if you just want a clear reason why is it so.
  15. But I like somewhat crazy stuff (/( ; . ; )\) as Alice said in the movie about madness: "All the best people are." At least the collision should be improved so we can create pyramids!
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