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  1. I wouldn't call that sticky really useful with current issues as it addresses the "fixes" from the last patch they put out and does not really reflect on current issues except citing major issues reported to them for the last patch. As to this 'Schedule" you refer to, there is no schedule for these kinds of things so I would use that word carefully especially on the internet, people are very impressionable. This post has one major goal which is to continue to impress on the team that there are still major issues affecting xbox right that make the game pretty difficult to enjoy to it's maximum
  2. You guys know I supported y'all all through Early Access but I am just a tad disappointed with the xbox port. Do we have any word on when we are getting fixes for the infinite loading screen/matchmaking disconnects between games? It doesn't exactly motivate a lot of people on xbox to play when they can't do a simple thing like inventory management between games or in town/tavern without having to restart their game entirely after the fact. I don't need to elaborate on how good the game is but this is probably the most prominent bug right now on the xbox version. The game itself crashing is bet
  3. Or learn to build on each map? If they allowed us to choose maps it would just turn into the meta of replaying the same maps over and over again, selecting a random map each time adds a bit of challenge to it and forces you to learn different builds on different maps.
  4. Social tavern still a bit laggy at start but once you let the lag settle it's fine for me.
  5. [[75976,users]] Appreciate the feedback and I will take that into account next time TCG does something like this. ^-^ Sorry for the double post but there seems to be a website issue and I cant log in but I can still post.
  6. this is pretty inaccurate unless something new popped up over the last week or two. Trendy has said on numerous occasions to include the live stream and on threads that they will not wipe unless it becomes necessary based on changes within the game. Well that and now they threw in possible chance based on popular opinion. Are you expecting our Early Alpha progress to carry over when the game fully launches? Newcomers would be at an enormous disadvantage, and as such I expect at the very least a wipe on that time. But the steams were a nice way for us to get an extra sneak peek at new c
  7. I am in favor of a wipe once we get closer to a live build, maybe give us a week or so head start if people feel that way but you didn't buy the game, you paid to get access to the game while its being developed and because you wanted to support Trendy. You get rewards for that, in game currency, etc. I would vote Yes on a wipe and I think it will become a necessary move further down the development road.
  8. And we shall call it the Pineapple Pizza Monster, aka Iamisom's worst nightmare. Thoughts, suggestions, feedback? ;p
  9. That is a creepy cheese, not a grilled cheese ^-^
  10. Look at these mad grilled cheese skills. A whole lot of bread crumbs all over my stove though, one downside to bread.
  11. Tuesday and While they dont have an exact time yet they are looking at around noonish EST last I heard.
  12. Considering I am introducing the newest DD2 patch to the world with my friend Sara in less than 24 hours, I felt this song was appropriate to hear last:
  13. I think it should or could be a host setting, all public lobbies are tower locked while in a private lobby you can unlock towers so everyone can sell everyones towers. In a private lobby you should only be playing with friends anyway right? ; p
  14. It is so situational and depends on your playstyle really... best advice id say is practice with both and find builds you enjoy and that make sense.
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