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  1. Did it look like this? I think it was called a Megadon, it's an XBOX exclusive pet that I think you can obtain that by winning the C7 Yeti Incursion. Hope this helps :) Heck, that pet looks awesome, I do really want it but unfortunately I'm a PC player :( That's the one! I couldn't find anything on it anywheres, but yup that's the guy.
  2. I was playing the other day and saw a player with a green shark as a pet. What pet is this? Is it like an exclusive pet? I've been playing since launch on the xbox one and that was the first time I saw it. The player left too quick for me to catch their name so that I could ask unfortunately. Anyone have any info on this?
  3. This sounds like something I would also like to see. An auto sort button would make the inventory much less cluttered and easier to find new items that were added instead of the new items going to the first open spot in each bag.
  4. I have the ninja cat and when I evolved it, it didn't change. Just says that i need to get it to level 25 now. Any idea what had happened?
  5. One thing I'm hoping to see is inventory sorting, like all the helmets together and swords and so on. 
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