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  1. Im fine with 2.99-4.99$/piece max 14.99$/set and maybe 20-25$ for "elite" set with custom animations As someone mentioned above, You were talking about the currency as "gems" PLEASE DONT do the 980 gems for 20$ when a full set might cost 1000 gems. And if this game turns into a lockbox mess like CS:GO il find another game. Also if character slots is a problem of space/cost, Sell it.. It would be the first thing id buy.
  2. 1. Any plans for a "Drop all blue / and or green mana" button? (Binding it to scrollwheel as alot of people are doing now, destroys the zoom in/out function and its really messy to get the zoom back since there is no choice for it on keyboard layout.) 2. Will the empty chest bug be fixed soon? (Happends when someone with slow connection joins a game and at "replay" of map someone will get an empty chest most of the time. This can be fixed by going back to tavern and then select the map again.) Also mecha costumes!!!
  3. Anyone else experiencing extreme lag and rubberbanding in social tavern since patch? Pre-patch i had no lag at all (except with "full" temp bag), now im just rubberbanding slowly forward. It doesent matter if there are only 2 players or more, it is still the same. It dissapears as soon as i join private tavern, group tavern or any map. PC speq good enough, never lagged in DD2 before Internet connection 100/100 mbit so should not be a problem on my side there.
  4. "Pay 4.99$ for 48 hour TiB for 30 days" I called it first. If you want my opinion 8-12 hour would be fine, You could play all day (or go to work,make food, whatever) and end the day with some loot sorting.
  5. Id prefer the Diablo 3 paragon system, described HERE . Basicly this is a side leveling system witch you start working on upon reaching max level. Every paragonlevel gives you a skillpoint to put in a small bonus to a certain stat. An example of this would be something like 0.2 DP, 1 movespeed ,1 hero health, 1% Magic find, 1% more exp and so forth. The point here is not to farm big bonuses (diablo uses caps on certain stats) but it gives you a feeling of always progressing even if you dont get any loot, or new maps. Even if you feel like youve got decent gear and dont really need any better you could still want to level up paragonlevels just for the fun of it. The way you describe resetting decks i personally would get tired of pretty fast. Also i am pretty sure Trendy will be selling Characterslots for $$$ so i dont think they would give something like that away. (Even if you just used it as an example)
  6. If you have good gear you can try a fun geyser/skyguard build. Placing 4 skyguards ontop of the stairs by the door (2 on each side) with boost. Then put geysers and 1 lightning aura for good measure on each lane within skyguard range. 4 front facing cannons for ogres. Its kinda hard to explain, but this build is about doing damage with skyguards only, with cannons just for ogre. It works really well since skyguards damage scales so good (we had 57k DPS at T5) and hits multiple targets.
  7. What DPS should we trust in most, TowerDPS (Pressing E) or Doll DPS in tavern? Example: My t1 Cannon tower says 2457 TowerDPS but on doll it does 2744 DPS. (The difference is HUGE on max tier, and if its the doll DPS thats more important it changes the way we should calculate to get MAX DPS. IE more tower damage over speed.)
  8. Seems game isnt saving and many are having this problem. EDIT 1: Finnished daily quest in a game, exiting back to tavern, no quest chosen. No loot, no temp bag Not sure if it matters but im playing on EU servers. Link to the techsupport & bug forum post https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/118171/progress-not-savedserver-issue , Probably a better place to talk about it.
  9. Tornado damage is roughly on par with a single basic attack from most other classes; not OP at all. The knockup/stun is the only thing making tornado barely worthwhile, but one utility skill is far from enough to carry a class with specs built around ability damage. .... My abilityspec apprentice does 3.78k per tic (4-6 tics) per tornado. (Kills smaller mobs like goblins, javeliner, almost black mages) On a marked target it jumps up to 5.7k per tic, This kills everything except the armored orcs, ogres and boss, with just 1 tornado on hardmode incursion. And with just a mere 3 sec cooldown So i wouldnt say its on par with a single basic attack. However i agree with you on volley and mana bomb. EDIT: Also on-topic hope you find the bug and squash it :)
  10. Keyboard: Logitech G710+ Mouse: Logitech G700s
  11. 1. Serenity aura with spec node for damage (24%), Does not increase ability damage. Is this intended? 2. The squire legendary sword that gives for example 150 attack power as secondary aura. This boost does not show on the tower DPS, is this intended? Also does the aura have any range, or is it over the whole map?
  12. I think the huntress spec node "Long Range" should really be close range. Forcing longe range play, even tho its nice to have a "snipe" skill is bad. Its more action filled and risky to have a close range buff. Moving close to enemies increasing risk of dying should earn you a reward as huntress instead of staying back in a corner of the map "sniping" enemies. Also its more action gameplay staying close and active instead of locking mouse 1.
  13. In a public game, any player can start a vote. It requires a majority vote in order to succeed. The person in question will not see the vote happen. In a private game, the leader will be the one who conducts the kick. One other way would be for players to start an AFK check, it could be anything from move your character(within a short timer), 3+7, jump 2 times or attack mobs, Really not sure what is the best way is. But votekick is better then nothing, and im happy its coming.
  14. How close are we to, Dance, wave, POINT and sleep emotes?
  15. When adding a new hero, will you also add more character slots? The current is 6. Also, please please a "Sell all" button for the temporary bag.
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