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  1. i think even the devs don't know exactly the time, so it's impossible to have a count down just yet.
  2. I'm just watching Games done quick on twitch, super awesome speed runs.
  3. The feedback of new player are important to see if the progress is smooth. I think the same point that you made goes for upgrading gear, don't do it on low lvl items because you'll change it very quickly. It's something you learn as you play. About money, don't worry keep selling items, as you lvl up you'll gain a lot more.
  4. Cool idea for unlocking new heroes. The Mystic would make the maps a lot more colorful lol. I loved the idea, i think that playing her as a DPS heroes would be fun and also i like falling stars .
  5. We could have some rare drops that makes it faster... at least it would be a way to reward those that play the game more. But one could argue that would not be fair... idk lets see what they do.
  6. So much split opinions, we might need to start a war. As always when it comes to this subject its hard to come into a consensus. Right now the main line of thoughts are: 1.Because the game will be free to play and the costumes wont impact gameplay, the pricing needs to support the game. 2.The costumes can't be as expensive as a new game. 3.By overpricing items trendy could lose out on making a bigger profit had it been cheaper. (quote from keona) I said before that i didn't mind 20-40 bucks, however after putting some thought, if that was the price i would probably be resistant in buying, ma
  7. I dont mind 20-40 bucks, but if people want a middle ground then 15 minimum... One important thing is having both cheap and expensive costumes so you can target a wide range of people. But with the dollar being R$ 3,00 I wont be buying it any time soon T-T(the feels). We should look at games like dota 2 to get an idea, even though they have a much large community.
  8. The problem is that "crafter" is more of a philosophy for future systems(enhancer too), so its hard to say that it will work in that way.What i think will happen is : They will think of a new systems based on the current influence vote and will make another influence vote for us to choose. One could argue that in the enhancer you would need materials in order to enhance the item otherwise would be just like the current upgrade system, but then again its just speculation... we don't know what they gonna do if enhancer or crafter wins and probably not even them.
  9. You mean... is green in the map, but the chest is grey and you can't E?
  10. That usually happens when you try to replay the map and a person doesn't load fast enough, at least is what i think.
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