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  1. Hello here. Just want to suggest to hide the people and influence voted by each choice. At this plan - when one category takes a winning part - then a much amount of players pick this too, without thinking. It is just psychological factor to vote for that "main part of people voted". Many of voted people thought like "if they picked that choice, then it is right" and pick this also. So if you hide the influence power and number of people - it will make the influence votes much better. It will make people to really think that they want. Just try to test and you will see changes.
  2. Thats a progressive metod as you said - not grind so much. Also in examples you told there is a same progression method - you have a goal to reach maximum level. In wow - it isnt neccesary getting raid gear or going to top guild. If you want this - then it is just your style. Just a few % watched high end mechanics of the hard mods. In MOBA - it is just a welcome path - it made to let players test all heroes and not play just one. Once you played by many heroes while have a goal of opening them - you get experience and thats cool and give you fun. Once you level up in WoW you learn a lot of lore, quests mechanics, "how to not die in fire" etc. You got game experience. Afking and grinding one map in DD2 is not experience - it is wasting time. SC2 - is too experience - the more experience the more skill. At any of your games that you talked - there is a game experience progression. So and we talking about end game. DD2 have this experience progression that lasts on two first incursions. After then - boring grind. Also you can even win in HS just with basic cards - it is so cool random game xD So after your words i wanna some modifing for my 1st suggestion - i want to see that i wont spend my time on random. That after 10 hours of playing i ll got 1 good item. Like DKP system in WoW - if you dont get your item by random - you can spend it on something else.
  3. Yes, what is strange? If you will give all loot to players - they wouldnt play any further. So you can give another goals - like challenges or game progression to keep them playing. Also i want to make an alternative way to let people get "not top gear but good enough" without spending tens of hours. There are three ways. 1st - is to reduce randomness of items. 2nd - is to make alternative way to save your lifetime. 3rd - is to make alternative goal in game - not gear, but maybe a very hard map where skill will be needed. It may be included gear requirements but not the best. There is more balance question anyway.
  4. I think that you just looking at this games at prizm of popularity. Lets look at this games as game mechanics. I even said that WoW is not grind? They just use many mechanics, so every type of player can feel comfortable there. Casual players can farm tokens to get pre top gear also there is a LFG and LFR for them. Grind players can do 25 ppl hard mods and challenges - all have - what to do. Sc2 - there is just skill - no grind. The same sessions over and over. There is a game basic of many strategy. The main idea here - that vs you is a player - not a wave-spawning computer. Lol and Dota are MOBA - there is the same idea - they are PVP games. DD2 at this moment - fully pve game. Minecraft is a sandbox - there is just game progression and no goal. Once you get all - you lost interest (thats true for many pve games). So there are many minecraft servers that make that goal further and adding many good and interesting gameplay mechanics. The main life cycle of that type of games - is a progression in objective. Diablo 3 lost a big amount of players once they completed game. Just try to find statistics. Also - there so much bots in D3, like WoW, yeah. Hearthstone same pvp game. There much random in playing and - you can get every card just by collecting reagents from cards that you dont need - a very good mechanic. It can be used there too. Then. Yeah - grindy players likes to push some money to get something really good that others people doesnt. At another way - casual players always buy for real items that were grinded for many days. There are many and many ways to keep player in your game. If you cant see them - you can grind further. Next. I understand what you mean. But i need to say that if there is no other type of game goal - then it is gear. So if gear is goal then you need to get it. To get it you MUST grind. Also to get not best gear to incursions is hard too. Just because you got "Hero health" + "tower damage" or a good item but blue or 22 level. They are afk just because boring. Grind is boring - it doesnt give any player experience, just wasted time.
  5. So you are one of those guys. there are many ways to make game not in grind style. It can be Daily style or Challenging style or something else. Once the game will be released, or earlier, the game will be flooded by bots that will farm gear. And i will really understand people who doesnt like to spend a days to gear 1 character... Many good games died because of grinding and it is best chance to change game policy while it is in alpha. End game content can be done by many ways, it is mainly just game designers problem how to solve it. So they can try WoW style model - when "not best loot" can be gained by anyone with daily/weekly activity. And get dlc at the moment when midterm player collected full set of items. The grinders can usually farm the same instances as much as they want. The "Grind Game" is a past age - when people have not many games to play. Now - people will find game where is more casual style. Also dont forget that the % of people that can grind is much lesser than % of people that can't.
  6. Really looking for this suggestion as main from all ones xD
  7. 1. How will you fight with that loot system? I wrote one of my suggestions where you can see near 5 parametrs to get a top-tier item with high stats. To get it you must farm many many many times and this makes me crying :C Maybe an alternative way "not-to-grind" some pre top tier items wtih good stats but not best... 2. Any improvements in codex drop? i want to collect all codexes but i am stuck in some pieces... So maybe you will just make them as smaller parts that will combine in next "not opened" codex? That will look cool
  8. and get that 1.5 interval between the lines or make it optional... And sometimes when i start to write something the page goes down... especially when writing theme name
  9. yeah its better ) make a point to click in leaving menu
  10. yeah, this theme is just a part of my ideas post where i collected anything together. I know what is develper plans so i just want to put developers attention on this problems/improvements. Mainly its easier to fix in alpha than rebuild older content with some changes.
  11. i made it... that was not easy... especially fighting with these "between lines intervals"
  12. Hello its my first part of suggestions, it will complete information about tokens (original information here: https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/117668/massive-ideas-and-improvements-post ) So lets begin from start: Why tokens? Erm... we can use another world - it is just an alternative currency but not money. Tokens is a currency to buy items, pets, cosmetic things from the traders. There is whole idea: 1) Change basic traders to token traders The current traders are useless - you can get many good items from any instance of your level. So lets look at its interface: I suggest to transfer it in wow-style tier seller. So there now some questions - how to get tokens and what items can be bought by them. How to get tokens: 1) The first suggestion is to get tokens from dailys. They give now from 500 to 2000 exp/gold and seems useless when some items sells for 2k... So to make people everyday farm - make some tokens as reward from this activity. 2) The next one is a chests. They are kinda useless now too, So we can make them usefull by adding tokens. Tokens amount can be targeted on instance difficulty or/and player activity. No more afk in the fight xD 3) Challanges. the harder challange - the more the prize. There can be also weekly/daily limits to obitain this tokens so people cant gear top gear in 2-3 days. What can be bought on tokens: 1). The first that i can imagine is a sets of class items. If you complete half or part of set - you will give special effect or bonus to stats. 2). Pets. You can buy rare pets that will give class based buffs. 3). Costume sets and decorations. So it's all. At the end i want to say that this suggestion can make: 1) Reform and rise dailys from current state to something neccesary. 2) Add end game content set items(you can add new tiers after just increasing stats and item leveling so the end game content will be always). 3) Adding set items makes people a chance to buy an item that never drops in loot (about loot i ll talk in another theme). Thanks for listening. I hope the creators will make a good and interesting game.
  13. Hello its my second part of suggestions, it will complete information about item leveling (original information here: https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/117668/massive-ideas-and-improvements-post ) So about item leveling - its good idea with so much of items but there must be some improvements while putting items in slots i ll make a picture  This is basic interface. It looks cool but it is not best. You can add some features like 1). When adding item - it will write amount of item points summary added now - here is an example 2) When adding a lot of items it will write a upgrade level by green numbers - here is an example why i want this improvements? just because it s not good to spend item points trying to analyze in mind - how much that will add points to item and what level will be after i add this items. At this moment i can just calculate that and this is not good :C Thanks for listening. I hope the creators will make a good and interesting game.
  14. Hello its my third part of suggestions, it will complete information about inventory and sorting (original information here: https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/117668/massive-ideas-and-improvements-post ) The current inventory is something strange. 1). I cant destroy or move old bags to buy new premium for them. (at least i cant find how). 2). About selling system ill talk in another theme. 3). There is no sorting system or lock system so you must remember about - where you saved your item. So lets look at current inventory: if we have a large amount of items - then we must have a good instrumentary to work with them. 1) The instruments for sorting. It can be many types like: a) Item tier - from low to high, from high to low b) item power - some ppl will eventionatly run for item level so they will always trying to find something in that inventory that better than another item on itemlevel. c) Locked (marked) items that people dont want to sell but they cant really manage this. (Locked first/locked last) d) by name and etc --- I doubt that this is necessary arrows will change the direction of items soritng 2) The instrument for fullbagging - when you press one button - all bags except the temporary one - combining in one big bag (this addon was very popular on WoW, so it maybe usefull here) You can also make a point in each bag to let it combine in one or stay as independent bag. Combining bag will be used in my next suggestion about selling system. How it is good: 1) we can use a not marked bags as a bank storange and never selling items from here. 2) we can sort items as we like and find something from our endless inventory ^^. 3) we can use a combined bag to bettel manipulation with selling and sorting (opening/closing bags, listing them, moving in them is not so cool) Thanks for listening. I hope the creators will make a good and interesting game.
  15. Hello its my 4th part of suggestions, it will complete information about inventory and sorting (original information here: https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/117668/massive-ideas-and-improvements-post ) The selling system. Selling function - its seems kinda bugged now. When i press many items after 3-4 runs - i becoming really tired. There must be mass sell button that sells items that you dont want, You can make "sell all" just from marked bags (theme 3). Or if combine with last idea from big combined bag that may be usefull. So selling option must be intellectual when you have more than 200 items in your inventory. There maybe need a special interface like this: Just additional intellectuall sell button for having much more easier cleaning your inventory There may be many options and it can be used with Locking system as well. Thanks for listening. I hope the creators will make a good and interesting game.
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