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  1. A huge thing that would improve the game, is when we are playing split screen, each player should be able to go into the forge at the same time, or if one of the players is in it. The other player should be able to play
  2. I'm sure a lot of PS4 users are wondering the same question, when will the next patch for PS be released, what content can we expect?
  3. When playing co-op split screen, can you make it where each person can pull up their own inventory, instead of someone sitting and waiting for someone else...
  4. Honestly, I asked my question every dev stream and you never answer it and when you do you don't answer it right, WHEN will you be releasing the PS4 anything?
  5. !Lightning! Will you just tell us when you will tell us when the ps4 "anything" is ready? Tell us when you'll tell us...
  6. When you release the game, will there be updates and new things you will add? And if so will you be adding them to PS4?
  7. I think you said in the last stream that DD2 PS4 Demo was out? How de we get it?
  8. When will you tell us when you plan to tell us the release date for the PS4 version
  9. When will Trendy be telling us when the release date will be? Or tell us when you will tell us...
  10. Hey, the game on PS4 version needs to be just like the PC version, please don't just create the game and update things for PC and not Ps4... - When are you announcing the release date?
  11. In DD1, the PC and Console versions were very different... In DD2 will the game be the same for PS4 and PC? Also when will you be announcing the PS4 release date, soon?
  12. If its a high priority, will it be released while DD2 is in pre alpha. Im a mac and PS4 user, not a PC user... Can't wait to get into the action!! :)
  13. Can we expect the PS4 version by December of this year? Also are you making a mobile version to this game? Such as IOS or Android?
  14. When will the PS4 version be expected to be ready for us to join in on the action?
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