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  1. Tried it, don't like it since I have to make new characters. If I could use my current ranked characters in first person it would be quite fun.
  2. Can't say I had any trouble killing it on my squire. I will admit it took a LONG time, and my friend playing the supporting role as tower repairer did an awesome job keeping everything up and running. The whole point of this is that it's annoying to solo as a Squire. You had someone repairing in the process. I can duo it on my Squire super easily too, the whole reason it's annoying is because he'll eventually destroy your defenses and it'll get to the point where mobs overrun you.
  3. Have to agree. This coupled with the fact that if a single warrior leaks through your defenses, which will happen after the dragon has destroyed enough of them, you can kiss pretty much all of your turrets goodbye across the map. This just leads into more and more mobs leaking, to the point where you have to choose between attempting to ballista the boss or save your crystals. You can attempt to slow this down by building barricades at the top of map, so that his fireballs target those first before your actual defenses, but he will go through these pretty quickly if he decides to troll enough
  4. Every time I check scoreboards, all I see are Squires. Squires everywhere. Rank 1, Squire. Rank 2, Squire. All the way to rank 900. Squires. All I ever see. :squire: :squire: :squire: :squire: :squire: :squire: :squire: :squire: :squire: :squire: :squire: :squire: :squire: :squire: :squire: :squire: Always :squire:. I'd KILL to just see a single :huntress: icon. But no... Nothing but that stupid, unfunny metal guy whose face is built into his helmet, and who isn't wearing any armored pants and his heart boxers are showing. HA HA! Real funny. Nobody cares about your jokes, Trendy
  5. Why is it that as soon as somebody finds something they don't like in a game they immediately start screaming "THIS ISN'T WoW!"? Because it's a popular punching bag, like furries. The Internet loves to bash on them for various reasons. Another possibility is because they have no better argument to bring up at the time, at least in part because ... well everyone has heard of, and possibly played, WoW at some point. Not everyone may have played JoeBloeTD1 or RandomFlashGame5 which the person might also be able to make a comparison to.
  6. It has been done.. survival enemy per wave ramp is now cut by over 60% in 7.08 (in addition to ending at wave 25 rather than 30). Enjoy, of course the tougher enemies prove quite an intense challenge... now to release this thing :) -Jer I am quite joyful that you changed your mind on this matter. Stronger mobs sounds amazing, I hope they're quite 'intense' to match the number drop. I'm actually looking forward to trying survival again with this patch.
  7. New in the 7.08 patch notes: * Survival/Pure-Strat difficulty ramp vastly increased once you get past Wave 10 What's exactly going on here? Is the mob count being reduced to make way for stronger mobs? Are we getting mobs of the same strength, but more of them? Same mob count, but stronger? I just want to know if I should be rushing to bore through a 20 wave survival right now, or wait until after the patch. If we're facing fewer mobs at much higher strength I'd prefer to wait, as less mobs = less time in general.
  8. - Ability to make valuable items more easily visible on the ground, perhaps set a UI option to specify a price like 2000 and have items that match or exceed that get highlighted Yes, yes, yes. Big plus one from me. Even better if it was a custom integer as you suggested, as I've never seen anything that was worth equipping unless it was worth more than 5,000 mana.
  9. Ramparts is the smallest map in the game, wat. Insane needs to be more challenging. I've found STR drain auras to not be with the DU. Kobolds are trivial. The ONLY problem with ogres is there small model size, that is IT. I only play with friends too, so ok. Insane summit is easier than glitter insane and spook insane. It's a snorefest. If you don't nail it then something is wrong. I play with a trap huntress and DPS apprentice. Multiple ogres have always been an issue for us because ... well, that should be obvious given the limited play time as well. I realize some of this stress
  10. Have you beaten all campaigns/challenges on insane? I am curious. I actually just completed insane spook tonight. That was what caused this thread to be born. Having to run all over that god awful map to get everything placed. It mostly just came down to strength drain auras causing every mob to be worthless in damage. We tried for most of the night to win without them, but the mini-ogre wave would always send 4-5 ogres at the wrong place at the wrong time and shut us down. Strength drain solved that, and every other minor issue such as awkward kobold rushes destroying a wall, immediately. P
  11. Most of the challenge in Insane is the timer. Not sure that removing it would make it more fun, just easier. Personally, I like it the way it is. Place down monk auras on wave 1 at appropriate choke points. The difficulty of any map will be siphoned away instantly. It's not a matter of difficulty, it really is just a matter of fun - the timers are not fun. As I've noted in my previous posts, I don't want to play on my monk or apprentice. Can I beat the wave if I do? Sure. The auras (wave 1), and towers (wave 1 or 2 depending on map/speed I got things done) take care of all the mobs wit
  12. The hardest mode is called "Insane." The hardest mode in the game has a mechanic which creates stress. Stress causes people to make mistakes. Why would you not want the most difficult mode in the game to stress you out? Go play hard. Mistake? You can make mistakes which cause you to lose when placing static defenses? Mistakes are made when you're at the wrong place at the wrong time during the wave itself. Mistakes are made if you activated an ability with a relatively high cooldown (blood rage, mana bomb, aura) at the wrong time, and do not have it when you need it the most. These k
  13. You should check out Defense Grid. Or Sanctum. Or Orcs Must Die. I have played all three. Orcs Must Die only has "build timers" on nightmare mode - you still get more time to build there then you do here. You do not have to run all over the map to get things setup in Orcs Must Die. Even on the Finale you generally only have to be in a single place on the map at a time, and they actually give ways to quickly get around the map in the event of an emergency. Defense Grid is also a poor example. You can build anywhere on the map at any time, so long as you have money. There is no real stres
  14. Then you clearly don't understand it at all. I bet if you were to see a timed-turn chess game you'd also say that doesn't increase difficulty. It's your opinion that it's not difficulty, so I won't even try explaining it further. Timers do not automatically equal tedious. Tedious does not always mean difficulty increase. Boss fights in MMOs can be exceptionally difficult because they require you to learn a set routine and stick to that routine, as well as dealing with elements that try to throw you off course. Learning what is the best route to take works in many other gaming areas, but it s
  15. A time limit is a perfectly valid form of difficulty. Time limits are prevalent in every aspect of gaming. Board games, game shows, console games, computer games, and sports have all used time as a limiting factor on activity. It's not really fair to call it an artificial difficulty. I suppose I can agree with that assessment. I still do not feel it is properly implemented here. I can't really think of any other tower defense games in general where you are on a limited timer for setup. It doesn't feel appropriate, even given the multiplayer aspect of this game.
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