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  1. This is my favorite item so far :D
  2. I stream, carve wood (ooh la la) and stay up late :)
  3. Awesome :D Look forward to playing with you
  4. Hey everyone! When the patch hits I am going to be streaming DD2 until I crash. This could mean a 20 hour stream, it could mean a 36 hour stream. I would love to level up and grind gear with anyone willing to play with me! Let me know if you are interested or add me on steam!
  5. What exactly happened? Haha wow guys thanks for all the love! My PSU ended up melting haha. I should have seen it coming but I just moved into a new house and I figured the smell was just from the room (I was being stupid). It didn't actually blow up but I am getting a new computer since I have a lot of stuff to upgrade anyways (CPU, graphics card, PSU and I want an SSD drive). I will be back up and running by tomorrow hopefully! PS I just cleaned out my computer the other day, I have had the computer for many years and I never thought to check the power supply from time to time :(
  6. Guess I can't do my dailies for a bit LOL
  7. No one respects Quab. Everyone lets Quab die. I say NO MORE!
  8. Well I know LoL does it like this: Lower quality (outdated) skins are 5 bucks "Good" skins are around 10 bucks Legendary skins (skins that change animations) are 20 bucks
  9. Thanks man, using this one :D Didn't see it until now
  10. Seven plays his favorite pancake with a tremendous exciting bathtub. Obama and his moonbase will already be annexed into NASA. This created horrific joy and arousal. His mother cheated in their date causing pancake grammar. She wildly passed the cucumber named Eduardo and Eduardo furiously resisted, slamming tomatoes with sponge bits into Seven midgets called Banana Hammock. Seven necrophilic rejects Blade BAFTA Blueberry jam, Dwarven Sniper shoots Fish grammar. Nevertheless, Seven dragons went biking backwards down Rodeo. My arteries' pulses suddenly burst into pieces causing insane sex molecules, driving Obama to Antananarivo with his cat, spread rumors about rape and ebola. While Michelle plays ball rapidly and sexily with hamsters, Obama loves eating Sashimi with grandmas and 100 tin soldiers in space. His TARDIS regurgitated Seven's heart, exposing Watergate on Michelle. Michelle's earlobe imploded pingers. Thus my universe blew into cats happily sucking three giant watermelon slices. Surprisingly, Dragonfall smoked. One sexy pornstar, two young chickens, and three beavers destroyed due respect elderly pineapples. These pineapples will suckle tree bark profusely. Pretty soon Moonbase cheese cake with sparkling children will challenge Rainbow Dash to perform a sensual act of kindness. In Amsterdam, tunas sprout gummy legs and rotate wheels of sweets to unlock infinite pineapples. But Moonbase flew over Atlantic City with lasers acting of self-preservation. Surprisingly, destruction erupts like no dog kisses ever. Slobbering Seven-Up golems awoke drooling with ladybugs and lizards. Despite, pancake's made entirely of one organic potato. Seven finally received one *censored*. Finally, Duplo got Moonbase out for Hitman Hitler's assistance. Seven's companion was flying coconuts inside 9000 virgins made of mahogany. When wood hits Moonbase straight inwards land, a sudden egg lands on Betsy conspirators and pancakes, waffles dominates dominatrix's with lead. So, in Moonbase at high altitude. Up the hasbrowns goes Steven Murphy Brown Baby! Meow said BACON! Spiffy ran off walking through Obama's White House. Now Derpy leaped over mailboxes derpily of peanut butter with dripping honey. Suddenly, deodorant clouds everyone's watermelon meow whiskers. Obama ultimately sacrificed
  11. Hero Name : THE DINO RIDER (all caps) Weapon - Huge chicken leg Secondary Attack - Dino Kicks Abilities - 1. Dino Slam - Dino leaps to target area and kills everything 2. Ram - Dino rams forward and knocks all enemies hit back. 3. Dino Slam AGAIN! 4. Heal Towers - 1. Dino Eggs - Throws little dino eggs and they hatch into mini dinos! 2. Stables - Releases dinos for your TEAM TO RIDE! 3. Dino Killer - Big Ol' meteor thrower 4. Dino Tamer Trap - Dino tamer Piggyteehee comes out and tames all the dinos that come near it. Hero Uber - Dino turns into a T-REX! Hero Larges - 1. Dino Eggs have a % chance to spawn a dragon 2. Dino Killer has a % chance to destroy the map
  12. PS - I did it, but the bigger one didn't work =/
  13. LOL I was at work all day but the comments were great, thanks guys! And yes Gutu, this will totally be my avatar as soon as I figure out how to do that.
  14. Haha it was more of a joke post than anything friend. After that happened I played Let It Go, the whole blame dan thing is a long running joke on Djbouti_Dan :)
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