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  1. Is this a good time to start playing again? When I left there was a total revamp. (circa end of 2015?) I just don't want to play again things are not settle. Thanks for answering.
  2. They exist. In my opinion, its premium for a reason. If you don't want to gamble you don't have to. The only different in rarity that I notice is the pet stats (DPS) anyway and that's meh. With trendy choosing DD2 to not be P2W. They need some way to make consistence money and so the chance system for premium eggs is the right choice here.
  3. Peekaboss No pic no proof Anyone else find this hilarious? You post a random ranking thread... w/o pic.. quite contradictory there my friend. Not saying its not true, but you probably should apply your words to your own post. Its a nice thought to have record holders, but with passive(Frost) being so broken. Getting to high onslaught waves with frost is not really a feat. Assuming people on your list used frost of course. If they didn't bravo.
  4. My highest is 15.27%. Would love it if someone has or can comprise a list of range for every passive.
  5. I have 3 25% staff with DP already, yet i'm still using mythical armor and gloves. RNGPLSSSS
  6. Nope something on your end maybe
  7. [[79434,users]] My crit chance is normally 18% 2 mythical.
  8. Seems like the easier the difficulty of onslaught the more often you get token.. which makes 0 sense. I got 1 token on wave 27 of insane onslaught.
  9. Threw on 2 weird pieces to match your Defense power hehe. Hence the lack of Dcrit.
  10. It's working for me. Some run are wonky and doesn't drop anything, but other runs are like 6-8 legendaries
  11. The brokenness of frost tower. [[6015,hashtags]] I_PASS_BUTTER
  12. [[93079,users]] did you check your inventory right when you bought it? When you buy an Uber it goes straight to your inventory and you have to double click it to be able to use it.
  13. [[62116,users]] It costs 231k at 41 and takes 273k gold.
  14. EDIT: Decided to mess around and upgrade my bow... It 2x 5 times in a roll. Anyone else having this amazing luck?
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