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  1. When they see 2 stats on a given item is too little then hybrids may be viable, for me personally every one in my hero deck is a builder so I'm screwed. ><
  2. Renamed post to better reflect the point
  3. Exactly what I was thinking. This is solid. Exactly what I was thinking. This is solid. Yeah I should have labeled the post differently but my main point is that something should be modified to counter so many stats being available I would prefer to not lose a stat but at the same time if they keep just 2 stats on gear makes it rather difficult and their needs to be a remedy. Ie more stat values per piece. Or work with what you have and consolidate what you can. Rng is fine if done properly and can add the excitement factor when you finally get it. Personally it's better to have more stats on a given piece because then it's really awesome if you get the perfect roll. Thank you for your post and keep em coming
  4. Right hero damage is over rated which is exactly why ability power should be removed and hero damage be adjusted to do what ability power does as well as its effect on normal attacks. Both of the stats is counter productive they both effect hero damage but why when you could just make hero damage affect all hero damage.
  5. Weird one of my comments delayed posting ><
  6. Couldn't agree more that DD1 item system was awesome but DD1 did have the proper number of overall stats to the possible amount u could have on gear. It worked with it. Dd2 on the other hand has too many stats for the measly 2 u can put on gear. Now if they kept the number of possible outcomes but made it so the rarity of the item would give more stat slots it would make sense ie legendary having 3 or 4 as opposed to 2 then rng could still be cruel but also be gentle on the same item. May not be perfect but thats where it becomes rewarding to play. At that point the more stats would make sense. DD1 was one of my favorite games because It had that flexability. But the more stats their are with so few slots on gear the more flooded and skewed rng becomes. The hardest thing I find is playing all weekend and rng being so cruel I get 1 upgrade. It's not enjoyable. small constant advancement of character is what keeps me coming back. A good example is with the first event weekend for squire the drops were amazing. With the added fp ff and whatnot you started seeing less of the others. As more are added the less and less you'll see the rest so on so forth. I'm getting old also so I don't have as much time as I used to. Part of this stems from me not receiving a single ***ing staff all week with dp on it. My buddies received like 6... apiece. Got to the point of telling them to stop telling me about the staff they get with dp. With the ones I did see most were ability power and that got me thinking about that stat. Why not just have hero damage affect all hero damage you can still hardcore gear for it but you will remove one of the stats reducing the chance rng will screw you as well as reducing the overall stat pool to be more in line with only having 2 stats on items.
  7. Aye I loved dd1s item system I agree it was a blast but DD1 didn't have a max of 2 stats on items. It absolutely made sense with the stat probabilities and the possible outcomes because what you could get balanced with what it had. Dd2 on the other hand has too many stats with too few stat slots. I just think it needs work. By either eliminating unnecessary stats or adding stat slots to gear possibly through rarity ie legs have 3 instead of 2 or something like that. Like your input and ty for responding.
  8. Also there is one exception in my eyes to more stats being better. If you can actually utilize those stats by having more options on gear. example being dp/hh/dh as opposed to dp/hh.
  9. More passive is alway welcome but when you have hero damage defined by 3 separate stats it's a bit much. I agree on the more passives I disagree on more stats. This is rng we have. More stats is never a good thing with rng unless you have an intuitive way of like Diablo 3 ended up doing but guess what it was able to do that because they knew for the most part how you were going to build your character so they could adjust their smart loot to cater towards that. With the design of this game there are so many builds that a system like that would be truly difficult. And with that being said more stats is not better smarter stats are.
  10. Wanted to see how everyone thought about trendy maybe reworking how hero damage works by getting rid of ability power completely and basing abilities damage off hero damage, hero crit damage. As is there are so many stats getting what you want is like hitting the lottery. This would free you up to either try for hero dmg hero health gear or hero damage hero crit damage gear or u could easily hybrid. This would also narrow the loot stat pool so it isn't as cluttered. This came to mind when I was trying for a dp staff from the event. I got 19 staffs total, most with ability power none with defense power... why doesn't hero damage affect abilities... it's still hero damage it's just an extra stat that's taking up space and flooding the loot table. DD1 got this right where if had good weapons I could still do decent damage. Made me feel good knowing I could do something aside from build. Now I may not do as much damage as someone completely specced for it but it was comperable. Hopefully trendy sees this. Please take out ability power, rework hero damage to affect abilities. Even with hero damage on weapon I still won't do nearly as much as someone with hero damage on every piece. And know that tower damage has 2 effective stats defense power and defense crit damage so why not have hero be a mirror of that with hero damage and hero crit damage. Thank you for reading.
  11. They should honestly just do away with ability power. All hero damage including abilities damage should be based off is hero dmg/hero crit/hero critical dmg. As is there are too many stats.
  12. yeah kinda sucks just blew my whole bank of mana on my Godly nosferatu i had been saving to notice it going up by 80 lol gahhh!! granted in the end its only 100 but i want that hundred. *sad face* lol thank you for responded Ghiam
  13. Hey just wanted to hear from the other monks out there who have upped a weapons ranged since the patch last night. I"m hitting a cap of 80 hasn't changed in 10 levels. Anyone else having this issue? If so how do we go about informing trendy about it? I'm not forum savvy=) so please and thank you for your replies!
  14. is there any way for you to return this animus to me or track it please it was the highest Damage animus i have seen and i worked really hard for it. please do something .. this is the 5th time this has happened with various items, and im about to lose it. please help =( im really about to cry.
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