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  1. Trading doesn't mean you get "everything handed to you" considering you still have to work for whatever is needed to make the trade. Being that shards are pure rng and gold/tokens are needed to level them up. Obviously you could trade your hard earned currency that you obtained in search of said item you are trading for. For example... the defense range shard is a highly sought after shard. Meaning it would be expensive to trade for. Meaning... you would be farming for it regardless.
  2. "Nobody complains in Diablo 3 about the 4-man leaderboards being 10+ Grift levels higher than solo leaderboards." That's incorrect otherwise (with the latest information as received from blizzcon) they wouldn't be tweaking the game for solo players.
  3. There's a lot of things from DD1 that I miss that aren't in DD2 but should be.
  4. Weighted RNG... The problems always lead back to that mechanic.
  5. This argument is advanced all the time, and it's completely erroneous. This game doesn't exist in a vacuum. It has the advantage of being the sequel to a popular game that has been released for years. It should be able to easily build upon the successes of the previous game, having learned from experience about what makes this kind of game fun. Rather than feeling like the sequel, if feels like the prequel. Weak heroes, inability to increase tower range, inability to increase tower speed, strict limits on the number of heroes you can access in a game... these are conscious and deliberat
  6. I love people who also don't have the realization to what alphas are for... Yes this is an alpha. This is one of the most CRUCIAL parts of development in a games lifetime. The true direction of the development of a game is solidified in it's alpha stages. Aka the what will work and what won't work stage. People voicing their opinions in something they are helping fund (Especially during development) whether they be positive or negative is nothing but a positive for the development process. If... the developers look into what is being brought up. Saying nothing, or only positive things would me
  7. Yeah, it doesn't feel like it's going in the direction of being a sequel to me either. I just kinda expected DD2 to be DD1 on a whole new level of greatness. So far it's no where near that. It doesn't even look (to me) like it is headed in that direction either. I gotta keep my hopes up though.
  8. Or is the direction Trendy going lacking much needed features from it's original predecessor? I would really like to know how others feel on this topic.
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