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  1. Archers with Explosive Arrows? I think they are Multitarget too, right? Atleast NM4 now after that fix was still extremely easy with the ~600 AL that my friend has and my Apprentice Frost Towers. My EV with ~700 failed at wave 1.
  2. What do you mean by "fixed?" They weren't working properly. Protons do not take damage, they expend health. Doubling the attack rate cap and having max crit chance permanently should never have even clicked as intended for anyone. Especially for the incredibly low investment they took. I do agree that she could use better builder spheres, though. The +nodes one is rather disappointing. Both because their restrictive cost and because it's also a passive. I've used reflects on two maps. Bling King with 2 nodes in each lane. Ramparts Incursion. +Node would have been useful there, but it would ha
  3. Since the "on damage" spheres were "fixed", all she has left is i think the Shattering Torpedo, Extra Reflect Nodes (which is also a Passive on Gear), faster Manufacturer Charging (i think thats a passive too) and more Manufacturer Nodes. The "more shots and more damage" for the manufacturer is for some reason a DPS-Sphere So...will we get some spheres for her now? please? seriously, it seems like she ends like she did in DD1, Buffbeam and maybe Reflect walls, or of course DPS
  4. doesnt work for me :/ edit: after a few more reset to defaults it worked
  5. Having an event where "casuals" can get something nice too isnt that bad, but the amount you could get from the wheel was too much. you could gear every single character with enough gold. giving out one item per character would have been better maybe, or like the chest with the galactic weapons. And yes i put much faith in the siege tank. the name alone sounds awesome, its a tank afterall, it has to be a challenge...if it isnt a "siege tank" and just a "tank"...im sad. as i said, DD1 just ended up as Health VS Damage, there was no real challenge anymore, it was always the same. here in DD2 yo
  6. you dont get it do you? now you are down to insulting me by saying that i ran away crying? i said that i quit because i didnt like the new endgame meta, the "use auras to rule them all" gameplay. it was allready boring before with the ever rising stats, when we had towers that were shooting one straight line of projectiles, turning them into lasercannons, auras too big to see where they end. there was no challenge anymore, but instead of adding more difficult and challenging things...they added the sharken to bypass our power instead of challenging it. its like having fort knox with an open ba
  7. Well, and thats exactly why i think you are wrong. Such a way to split the community is garbage at most. You have no fun at being forced into a meta? You are a casual now. A "casual" for me is someone who is playing the game for one or two hours at most, who isnt focused on endgame at all and just wants to have some fun. But i would never see that as an insult or a negative thing. The way you say it makes it sound like "stupid casual, learn to play noob", and thats sad. I was playing endgame, i was grinding a lot, sitting hours in endless modes just to get some nice stuff. I tried to beat map
  8. yeah but as i said, there is a difference between a challenge and strength through bypassing. if there is an enemy that can bypass any tower in the game, why having towers at all when you are forced to defend with auras and traps then? Without a tower the sharken cant target and cant run right? so having a tower to defend is actually a weakness then. So creating something that ruins a game mechanic is bad. and fixing that then with another hero that can then again fix what a sharken ruined...is even worse. Towers and Walls are a core mechanic afterall, making them useless by enforcing that one
  9. NO! Bad Dev, hush, back into your code-corner :P To be honest...i think there is a difference between having a challenge through interesting game mechanics and something that is just strong because it can destroy your build without actually destroying things...bypassing your defenses health...why having it in the first place then? The sharken was basically why i quit DD1, it just wasnt fun anymore when one bad moving sharken destroyed hours of defending without actually destroying your defense. Many of my friends from back then had the same thought and quit it. The worst thing was then the J
  10. Thats a blue one ;) Yellow is a single Projectile Blue is Burst Green is the Grid Red is the Shotgun Purple is the Grenade Where did you find it? So far all i found had the same 5/s The Atomic Launcher? but so far everyone here uses either Yellow or Blue...so do you think the other colors need some love?
  11. I tried them all now, and so far im only using the special Blue and the special Yellow. DPS is the highest and the heat-reduction is also very fast through the fast attack speed. Green is just way too slow to be a viable damage source, same goes for purple where even a weapon with a higher hero-damage value has less dps than yellow. And red? that one seems to be bugged. I cant hit enemies close to me since then the projectiles pass through, enemies to far away wont get hit because the projectiles explode...so i have to fire from the perfect distance to hit. But maybe it is just me, so which
  12. her builder spheres cost gold Oiling Strikes, Chilling Strikes, Press your Luck, Panic Fire (on reddit it was posted that they all work on her beam node) all the other builder spheres are useless. +2 reflect nodes can be on gear too, weapon manufacturer things are useless, the weaponmanufacturer spheres for the specific weapons need to be on the DPS EV, not on the builder, so these 3 are also kinda useless. and the earth-torpedo...well...no use for that one either. so no medal-spheres for a builder-EV. Her DPS on the other hand needs medal-spheres, i think the most used ones are the two for t
  13. its a bug that i have seen a few times in here and on reddit. the sphere simply does...well...nothing
  14. if the 20 would represent one segment, then each following segment after 1 would be wrong again. since even if all nodes would cost the same, you need 2 nodes for the first segment, but only one node for each following. So the "per node" is fine, but the "100% and 50%" is too confusing. thats why i thought that it costs way too many DU too so far i only have seen big boy a few times, freezynodes two times and atomic madness i only read about. freezy and bigboy are worth it though, freezing proton beams are nice to have, and big boy increases the damage of your first bot to 1000% a
  15. Spheres: Agreed, i would love to have some builder spheres, sadly even the spheres that i thought to be builer ones (like Atomic Launcher Ammo)...are not. So basically the only EV specific "unique" builder sphere is shattering Torpedo, since Reflect Nodes and Manufacturer Charge time are both on your gear too and Manufacturer Node increase is kinda...meh Tower Cost: 1 Segment: 30 Mana 2 Segments: 40 Mana 3 Segments: 50 Mana ... 9 Segments: 110 Mana thats how it currently is for proton beam, so your suggestion with the "per segment" would be a nerf since then everything after 2 segments would
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