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  1. I would say the elite group could over come most anything but the question is, is it fun. I think that is the biggest problem. This seems more like mindless farming and not like an engaging game play. I'm part of that "elite group" and it's just an absolute chore to even complete any of the current end game content. I'm probably one of the biggest dd2 fanboys you could ever meet, i'd sell this game to all my friends and happily devote hours of my time to bolstering this community but currently the game is in such a stale and sad state that I don't have the motivation to even try. Every time I try to add more to this I can't because words don't flow from my fingers as I hope they would, but I can't pinpoint why the game just feels so goddamn awful now. I really hope they add something or do something or fix something with the game because I feel like so much has been lost in such a short amount of time, when so much could have been gained. Might as well have just removed nm4 and just called it nm5, cause no soul is gonna gear thei *** it merry christmas
  2. Yeah thats why I'm making this so that people can start to use it to figure out builds to look for when farming items, it's no good upgrading something to max and then finding out you're missing 1% of tripwire or something
  3. Thanks, I forgot to add that one earlier, the ones I really want to get nailed down are things like total tripwire % etc.
  4. Just made a thread were we can compile all this data, please check it out! https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/129888/item-passive-megathread
  5. Alright, since there's no information on this currently circulating in one spot i'm gonna do what I did with poison tips and compile all the data about passives into one giant thread. Will need a lot of help on this one guys! I figured the best way to do this would be to make a publicly available spreadsheet that anyone can edit (for now) just so we can mass as much data as possible. Maybe we could even get some help from trendy on this one but I guess they're super busy at the moment so we gotta do it ourselves. Here is the link: click me. So I'm going to sleep right now but I set out somewhat of a baseline for people to work with, look forward to seeing what people are able to come up with. Just some guidelines to make this easier: Only add the max possible value (if known) for a passive.TBC To do list: Add a comprehensive description of every passive somewhere in the spreadAdd a comprehensive build descriptions for every build currently in the gameAdd a changelog or somethingAdd calculators for things like total frosty power dp buff etcTBC
  6. Yeah I heard they patched it so you could get actual good weapons but unfortunately I logged out on my squire so I also got totally shafted :< I trust trendy will fix that though, they already said they will :)
  7. Yeah we need to come together and compile this ***
  8. Thanks for all your hard work, I really like the changes made in this hotfix, nice to see you're taking on board what the community is saying and working hard to fix it so quickly! Fixed a bug where the Dragolich’s Damage Buff was affecting the damage dealt to the Harbinger when a cannon was destroyed. This is great, now people will have to learn to do the fight properly and get to actually have fun farming their weapons :) The War Cache has been updated to generate galactic weapons that are equal to the average iPWR of the hero opening the gift (including Nightmare IV iPWR heroes) Thanks for this, I love the look and feel of the new weapons but they were pretty useless at ipwr 550. Really hope we grow the steam group so we can farm for these things!
  9. And why? There is nothing to gain anymore. Meta is still the same, heroes are still one trick ponies, the weapons are still boring compared to DD1, onslaught is still a waste of time and there are still no challenges to complete other than farming monthly pets. The patch has been out like 2 days, I bet you haven't even tried any of the new build items yet to even see if they're good; I've used them in a number of builds and they have worked fantastically well. Yeah I do agree that the new loot system is pretty dire, the issue though is that they haven't fixed the issue they were trying to fix and they also decreased the drop rate a tonne. Nobody wants ability power and defence health so why is that even rolling on stuff, that is very frustrating when you only get 0-2 legendaries a map but if they fixed it so that the right stats would actually drop then I don't think it would be too bad, the passives still seem to be getting confused but it's nothing they can't fix. So sorry Haikz I didn't read your thread properly, everything you have suggested in your suggestions box thing is great! [[9471,hashtags]]. Keep the difficulty as it is and fix the loot system and it should be fine.
  10. I feel like everyone needs to grow up and get good, haven't had any difficulties killing any of the maps we used to kill all it means now is that you actually have to try a little harder and form some sort of strategy on which mobs to focus etc before you start the wave. ie, you actually have to play the game. Seems like most of the people complaining weren't actually as well geared as they thought they were going into this patch or that they simply lack the brain power to come up with a new build or something. And also, most of us who were at that gear level could easily carry 4 scrub leechers if we joined into a quick match. Now you simply can't because they don't have the gear on their 10k dps huntress to do anything that will help you to actually finish the map, so hopefully they'll all get butthurt and quit or realise that they actually have to put some effort in to gearing their dps before they come and leech nm4. The amount of times people join me now with absolutely no builders (everything pretty much fresh 50 / bareface lies) is silly and that's why people can't beat the maps. If you play with friends there is no issue. Gl all yall solo players
  11. Disclaimer: This post is targeted directly at the harbinger fight when done correctly the way I believe it was intended and does not address any of the other issues that have arisen from the patch. Dear trendy! I'd like to say that i'm thrilled with the way the harbinger fight was designed. Can't say I've had as much fun trying to down a boss in a game for a long time. I kinda got that "going for world first" feeling you used to get when raiding at high level, which is awesome. So the patch goes live and my friend and I immediately go into the harbinger as a duo on nm4. Takes us a couple of hours to learn all the mechanics and get our upgrades / placements right. After this we realise we need to keep the core near to full health in order to have enough time to kill him in the last phase. This involved killing all fliers with the cannon and dpsing him fast enough in phase 3 that he doesn't hit the core too much. We had about 3-4 sub 1m wipes which were devastating but we knew that when we wiped it was because we ***ed something up, we weren't giving ourselves enough time to beat the enrage. Surely enough we eventually managed to get the kill but only by a fraction! Both our dps huntress are almost maxed pre-patch with poison tips and we started wave 4 with about 920k on the core and didn't have a single death but by the end I think the core had about 50k left to go. This feeling of overcoming the difficult challenge that was created was fantastic, for the most part of the time playing I had forgotten there was even a loot drop from the boss and was so focused on killing him that it was just an all around epic experience. Now I know that so many people are just cheesing the *** out of the boss by using dragolich to pretty much bypass all the damage needed but regardless I feel sad that those people would complain when the fight is so amazing when you play it the way intended. I think the main thing to take away from this boss is that having the players play such a huge part in the overall success of the defence is fantastic and if stuff like this is implemented in future bosses / maps then the future of content for dungeon defenders 2 is certainly bright. Thanks again Trendy!
  12. Was gonna make a post talking about a friend of mine that nailed the argument then I realised Paradox already posted so I'll just quote him and pretend to be cool :>
  13. DD2 Didn't "go f2p" it was always meant to be p2p, they just put a paywall and some cool rewards for people who wanted to access the pre-alpha. So although I do not know of the exact reward you are talking about, I would assume they mean that it will be accessible when the game actually launches in a year or so's time. The game is still in alpha states at the moment!
  14. I've passed this on to our Design/Production team. No promises, though! Eagerly waiting for there responce. Afraid to say I'll be playing other games while I wait, as the way it is now I can't imagine myself spending any more time or money on the game until I can enjoy melee combat. I hate to say that as I love DD. Danny stated in the dev stream "we've had many discussions on this internally, it won't be happening" Pretty much shooting down any notion of removing the lunge. We need to make more noise about the lunge to be honest because if it continues to go unchanged I can't see melee combat ever being fun regardless of how many amazing special weapons and ubers they give to monk and squire.
  15. Yeah, I think that Mouldy guy is missing a few screws. The rest of the guild is great though!
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