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  1. wouldn't renaming files in the system32/syswow64 cause irreparable damage or cause instability for my system, and then what would i even rename the files ?, and at the same time i don't know how to bypass not being able to rename my dll files even with administrator being active.
  2. My version of Dinput8.dll is the same in system32/syswow64 being 6.1.7600.16385 and then its in 3 other locations, 2 being in the winsxs directory and one being in another game in the same steam directory and they are the same version aswell, so i don't know how it would change on a different path but the default one and really what that would mean specifically for my DD2 game.
  3. ive reported issues of my game crashing randomly before without really any explanation or reply even when posting directly to the bug reporting/tech issues website explaining the issue. The issue being my game crashing randomly during gameplay with no real reason to the crash that i can conclude. it saying that its related to the Dinput8.Dll file, though ive reported all of these details to the tech/bug reporting page giving them a full dxdiag file with all the specs im starting to think support for this game is only for people that know the devs personally since over a month without a single response but to merge my reports into one and then nothing i really can't fathom whats going on since you would figure i would have at least a reply asking me to at least give some other type of information required to help aid in resolving the issue, but that seems to be far from what happens with the requests that i send in since they basically just get closed and then nothing comes of even reporting the issues that I'm having so i honestly don't even know if support is a thing anymore, Since i feel i have been more than patient for at least some type of feedback or resolution to an issue that I've given a solid amount of information on. and Even on the lowest possible settings my game still experiences these type of crashes and a mixture of major fps issues. Further elaboration as to how or what i can do to provide further information to get this issue resolved would be much appreciated. My specs Windows 7 (6.1, build 7601) Gpu NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti Cpu i3-2100 dual core, ~3.1GHz Ram 8g Link to Crash Image at the moment it crashes. https://prnt.sc/g46282 Link to crash log that appears when the game stops responding. https://prnt.sc/g4615k Link to Tech/Bug Reporting Post with all information with my previous crash MDMP Files listed and Screenshots of my crash reports https://trendyent.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/22895
  4. I'm adding further info to try and shed some light on this any help will be appreciated. https://prnt.sc/fpd1gj https://prnt.sc/fpd1sa
  5. it doesn't give an error usually it ends up not responding after freezing and then closes, its random though cause it happens randomly while playing in waves so i can't narrow down what would be a trigger or a specific point in the gameplay that causes the crashes if i could i would gladly give you the info to try to hasten this process, i use the WHQL version 382.53 for the gtx 750 ti on a desktop i3 2100 3.1ghz 8gig ram windows 7 64bit.
  6. as of right now and before in previous patches my game has been experiencing random crashes during gameplay such as freezing, locking up, and has stop responding while doing missions such as during chaos runs. Currently i can't come to a conclusion of why my game is crashing, being that i have all my drivers updated and my specs should be able to quite easily handle this game, any support as to the nature of my issue would be greatly appreciated, since its causing me to lose loot and greatly interrupt my gameplay which is a great source of frustration for me at the moment.
  7. is that a premium dragon or one you hatch normally
  8. I believe he/she is referring to when you purchase extra hero slots
  9. It really hasn't been clarified yet how to acquire them yet, people say from pet drops or rotten pet eggs. Until a dev confirms were in the dark about how to obtain them. keep watching the forum posts I seen a thread similar to this one asking the same question.
  10. so this is what will be awarded for joining in on early access period
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