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  1. During "Game Browser" please add All/All Filtering. Currently, I have to have chose a specific game mode and specific chaos level to see if any games are created. Having a place that shows all the current game mode and maps currently open to join would be great!! This would be especially helpful in Mastery. Clicking on EVERY map in every chaos level to see if anyone is playing isn't my idea of fun nor convenient. 2nd Suggestion(kinda goes along with previous suggestion): Also when creating a game, have the ability to set Max AND Min Champion Score Example: Chaos III requires min Champion score of: 900. Some people don't want those 5500+ to join, because it would be easy, and they like the challenge. So being able to set a Max of 1500 would be cool, but not required. Thanks for reading!
  2. Yea, sounds like that AP grind is a hassle. think I'll save that for Last.
  3. I think that sounds like the best advice. To Reflect: (prior to my first ascension) Finish MasteriesReach Floor 114 (if possible)Try and reach starting ascension 200+ Then Reset... Sounds like a plan! thanks for the help everyone.
  4. Love your avatar. Which penguin is you? LOL LOL, thanks. Im getting slapped down for sure!
  5. [[45173,users]] Thanks for the response. Sounds like a pretty solid plan. The 14 mil upgrade costs sounds horrendous, I don't even have that much lol.
  6. BeerGoggles [[60550,users]] My ascension is around 580
  7. [[177736,users]] After reset.... do shards disappear and I have to farm again?
  8. I finally reaching the ability to reset for the time. After reading a few threads, I saw it is recommended to push this highest floor possible. For the first reset, which floor should I try achieving? What floor do you reset on for your first? Any Tips are appreciated. 
  9. I agree, starting the 3-map thing after the reset would likely resolve the issues that casual players have while allowing the MasochisticHardcore players to enjoy their 3-map floors. Starting the 3-map after the reset sounds like a great idea on paper. But, I personally would run into the same problem. That option would allow people to get to floor 60 faster, but would require a lot of time after that point which some don't have. However, it would help a little for now.
  10. What problem? Maybe the community can help you a bit. If its already a thread, edit and attack the link at the bottom of OP
  11. refer to sentence one in OP. HUH!? Not even sure where this comes from. Took me a sec to figure what AP is, Ascension Points right? If that's your concern. I could care less how hard it is to reach or gain AP. As long as it doesn't take hours to progress or no progression at all.
  12. Thanks for all the replies. I ended up using my EV2 to take care of them. It was just surprising to see this still occurring. I purchased this game before it was free back in Jan. 2015. So over 3 years these problems have occurred. That's why I was astounded.
  13. I know this has been brought up several times, but I feel like it can't be brought up enough. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE... reduce the mandatory 3 map rotation in Onslaught. its just TOO long for the casual player. It's very, very hard for me to set aside 2 hours without interruption. I have work, kids, chores, cooking, etc... I'm stuck because of this and cannot progress. I really like the game but its discouraging playing the same floor over and over knowing I wont be able to finish it. Even if I have to do 6 singles to progress +1 floor, at least i'll feel like I'm gaining progression. NOTE: I get that some people believe its plenty enough time and fine like it is. All i can say... Wish I had your schedule.
  14. As previously mentioned, all characters are fun and learning to play with there towers is entertaining. In my opinion,'have one of you focus on Walls & Tower of choice (PDT, Cannon, Ramsters, etc..) The other player can focus on Traps & Auras. Since you are limited on Shards/Equipment this is probably the best scenario for you. This is my personal preference and by no means the best options. Towers Walls 1. Poison Dart Tower (PDT) 1. Viper's Fang 2. Cannonball (with Stun Shard) 2. World Tree (because required) 3. Ramsters 3. Obelisk 4. Sand Viper 4. Spike Blockade Aura Traps 1. Flame Aura 1. Moss Hornet's Nest 2. Lightning Aura 2. Slime Pit 3. FIssure of Embermount 3. Snaking Sand My favorite defense in the game and super fun to build with? Proton Beam As far as DPS goes, honestly is really doesnt matter to much. Its boils down to Ranged/Melee This is my personal preference and by no means the best options. Ranged: 1. Huntress 2. EV2 (Great towers also & Reflect beam will become super useful in Chaos VI) 3. Gunwitch (has no towers, so probably shouldnt be your first choice to unlocking characters) Melee: 1. Mystic 2. Lavamancer (only because of the speed) :D Haven't played with the Barbarian much, but I've heard he is OP. Again, he has no towers. I wouldn't recommend that being your first option.
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