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  1. No I don't think they would do that. I just keep thinking back the DD1 and the turtle puzzle which was much clearer. At least you had things in the level that were marked as interactive.
  2. So I tried all the webs in different orders. Still no dice. Looked for graves lighting up on The Temple couldn't see anything. 3 days left I am guessing I'm not going to find it. Oh well wasted effort for developement I guess? Hope someone finds it.
  3. It can drop one not gaurenteed. Good testing. And do you know that you can open more than one trick or treat chest in one wave? I open 5 chest in one wave with my wall builder i had..... before something ***up him... in the mode before etheria chainsaw massacre. Well I had never seen more than two chests. It is good to know that it is possible. So here are some things I want to test. 4 different hero types opening chests on one map; Probably the last wave. Other things to consider is there are 3 bells to ring and 4 spiders to fall on The Temple of the Necrotic. The bells don't m
  4. Hi! I watched the Dev Stream 43 and Daniel said that the biggest secret of the spooky maps hadn't been found. It needs 4 steps, or 4 people. Anyone know what it is? I've tried looting chests with the four different hero types and that hasn't worked out. Help me solve the mystery!! Cheers
  5. Everytime I open the character UI and especially move items in bags, move items into upgrading the game lags quite heavily at least 2 seconds up to 10. I've even had the windows warning pop up saying that the game has stopped working. It goes away but it is disconcerting. I've tried restarting my computer a couple times, shutting all programs down. Just wondering if there are other people with this issue if so please post and if anyone has issues by all means let me know :D
  6. I did love the summoner but he slowed the game down a lot having his own unit count. If they reworked him to have very few summons but they followed you around or something. As he was in DD1 I wouldn't want him in DD2. Ev was fun the buff beams were amazing you built with her in mind every location. I feel it would be an overlap with monk at the moment. Things I see that could be added. Oil traps since currently electrocution and shatter are the only consistent combos.
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