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  1. I stopped playing around the time Dryad was released and I've been a Defender since before the survival skins came out but now that the tower skins are in game what about the DLC ones that we were promised? I saw the Defense Council skins but not the Defender skins that were supposed to come with the DLC; If they're not out yet thats fine but if they are how do I obtain them?
  2. New heroes are 10k Defender Medals AFTER the first two weeks they've been released. This is not the paid currency you get from pre-ordering.
  3. Apparently they don't seem to care about the state of their forums or what kind of users post on it. I haven't seen them take any action about bad users except for the spam bots that occasionally get in. I've seen countless post after post from certain users who are just down right disrespectful and don't even try to be civil; They just sit there typing horrible posts while laughing at people and trendy does nothing about them. This forum doesnt even have a report feature...which in my 12 years of being on the internet I have NOT seen on any forum. It is a necessity to report bad content t
  4. Not for a very very long time if not at all
  5. This Maryjane person is exactly why we need report functions on this forums.
  6. There is Evilwick, Headless Horseman, Table Flipper, Robot gato pet, saiyan gato, ninja gato, autumeow, and I think thats all of the premium pets? There is however a mythical pet you can get from Alienware Arena(website) that is like a Elder Evilwick but it's black instead of purple
  7. THe only pets PC can buy with actual money is Premium pets which as [[153534,users]] said require you to use Gems while hatching an egg to turn it into a Premium pet. HOWEVER the chance at it becoming a legendary pet is very slim. All other pets are hatched from pet eggs including Gold pets which can be won through Onslaught mode.
  8. When it does this instead of closing your game...Hit the Tilde key ( ` ) or TAB and then type 'disconnect' without ' ' and you'll be sent to the login screen with the gunwitch animation; It's not a fix to your problem but it'll at least alleviate some of the stress on your computer of closing and reopening the game.
  9. Please do. I find it highly suspicious that Trendy hasnt said a single word about an exclusive pet obtainable by this.
  10. Seems suspicious to me...There has been no announcement from Trendy about this pet.
  11. I dont see how; Discord is free, better than skype, curse, and teamspeak
  12. Why are you so adamant about it being 349 and not 350? The game shows that Max Stat is 350. The max stat is 350. Just deal with it
  13. I'm curious; Why use TeamSpeak? Discord is so much better and can hold thousands of people; You can also create text channels and voice channels endlessly
  14. The way rerolling stats work is You have a minimum value and a maximum value you can roll; Since 350 is the highest value that means with a 60/60 Affection pet...350 is the Max empowerment value you can have.
  15. Um...No It is 350. I have proof. Read the [315-350] Max is 350.
  16. Just a question but how far are you into nightmare difficulties? Because anything below nightmare is a piece of cake
  17. What does the betsy pet do as an ability?
  18. I currently just maxed out my Gunwitch's pet Near perfect stats for empowerment; Max is 350 stats; Encouragement fits good with Gunwitch due to recovering full mana instantly when using it; Can use it to spam Ice Needle and other spells
  19. Pneuma

    More Spheres

    Life Leech needs to be a passive on a weapon. Not a passive. You would be losing important stats if it was on a sphere.
  20. Yep. It's supposed to be a bonus chest.
  21. It wont happen until Micro$oft learns to play nice.
  22. It's the locations for the 6 golden tomes on the Demon Lord Incursion.
  23. Ahhh Zkurcrow, wanted to keep at a secret for at least a week. We figured this one out in less than 4 hours after the patch deployed. But it's out there now. Good luck with the cache everyone! Not to be mean but it took you guys 4 hours to figure it out? Within an hour of being on the update and testing out the new incursion I found the books; granted the hardest one was the one on the bridge
  24. I can confirm Gunwitch's Spider's Kiss works for me however the cooldown reducing sphere is not. After logging in just now and testing Spider's Kiss the poison on it does not activate however the visual effect does.
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