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  1. I've tried adjusting the graphics and screen resolution, but neither seem to have any effect.
  2. With the most recent update I've been getting horrible frame rates after just a few minutes of playing. Anyone else having this problem?
  3. First off I'd like to say I'm loving the new update and the most recent patch to deal with the issue of useless defenses already dealt with one of my gripes. However there is another thing I would like to see dealt with and that is the current state of shards. I have been playing tons of C1 tier maps and have yet to find a single deadly strikes shard. I get that you don't want to make them too easy to acquire, but at the same time it's getting a bit irritating that I have gotten so many stun chance shards and not a single deadly strikes. So here is what I offer. Make the Gran-master a vendor t
  4. Soon is Trendy's way of saying whenever they get around to it. The defense details on the stats page has been "coming soon" since the game first arrived on early access.
  5. I like playclaw. Video quality is good and doesn't eat up to much performance on my system.
  6. Nvm figured out what the problem was. I have norton antivirus and it was blocking the program. It seems to do this each time the game gets an significant update. Normally it prompts me saying so, but for whatever reason it didn't this time. I had to go in and add it to my allowed program list.
  7. The game won't launch for me now. It just stays at a black screen when I launch the game. I can't close the game either. If I try forcing it to close the screen goes white and does nothing. I have to restart my computer just to get it to go away.
  8. Trendy please take note. I think everyone hates the new dailies. Please revert them.
  9. I'm also having this issue. Please fix this as soon as possible. I rely on these things for NM4 maps.
  10. It happen when the EV patch first went live, but after the patch after it the same day seemed to fix the issue.
  11. Whenever I select to play private it will throw me to the private tavern, but when I select a map the game is public.
  12. I there a way to block someone from messaging you on the forums?
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