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  1. I feel like it'll definitely breathe some life back into the game for sure.
  2. Banned for even SUGGESTING such a thing
  3. Banned because womenz shouldn't have mustaches!
  4. DD2 DOES take a lot of CPU usage. I'm not sure why everyone is in such denial when it comes to this. The game is no where near optimized yet, and it will hopefully be in the future. TBH, the best thing you could do is get a better CPU. :/ If that's not an option, just try closing all other applications whenever you play.
  5. Gaaah. I can't wait! Now, when they say 3 new maps, do they mean 3 new levels or whole new maps with several levels? O .O
  6. Inventory scroll speed is like a dead snail that's lying on a sleeping sloth. Speed it up, please. I really like my UI's to be quick and responsive.
  7. Awesome! I'll be sure to join. :p Looks like I'll be spending some time in the LoL section. :D
  8. With the pets update coming .... eventually, what type of pets are you hoping to be included? For me, I just want a cute little unicorn. :D
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