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  1. Is there by chance a place that lists all of the current in-game mutators?
  2. Returning player here... I have a Carnival Admission Pass and Prize Wheel Tickets in my inventory from an old event; will there be a chance to use those, or should I just sell them off?
  3. It could have something to do with your game settings? If you continue having problems, it might be good to list your settings or screenshot them to help troubleshooting. I don't think anyone will be able to provide advice without knowing more.
  4. ....... oh. Well then. That game was TOTALLY my idea. How dare they profit from my genius?!
  5. I'm not sure if this is an intended effect or not, but when there are map features overlaying the ground the turret range indicators are no longer shown properly, which makes it difficult to gauge how and where to place towers. I took a screenshot to show how it can affect the clarity of turret ranges: http://imgur.com/FrkWwLy I was placing a turret but the only portion of the range indicator that is visible is the part that is overlapping the dynamite fuse. The rest of it is not showing. I tried re-launching the client but the same thing occurred. I will post screenshots of other maps if/when I notice it happening if they would be helpful for diagnosing the issue? Anyways, could we have this be a future patch fix so that the turret ranges will display across the entire length/width/height of their range? Thanks for reading!
  6. Hey peeps, I happened to think of this while eating a cinnamon bun, which nearly threw me into a choking dry-heave... but I had to get it written out before I forgot about it. This also means I haven't really scoured the forums to see if this has already been suggested or (super-embarassing) if it's already being implemented. If the latter is true... then it was TOTALLY my idea. Now, what's this ground-breaking, earth-shattering, spine-chilling game mode? Picture yourself for a moment. Now... picture yourself as: THE OVERLORD OF EEEEEVILLL!!! I'd like to turn the tables and play as the attackers attempting to bring down the defenses and crystals. I recall DD1 had a game mode similar to this, but you could only use your heroes. I'd like to one-up that by allowing players to build "lane armies" using a set number of build points (call them army points... goblins cost 10, kobolds cost 20, orcs cost 30, and so on [insert more arbitrary point values here]) At the end of each wave, new defenses are added to the map, or existing ones are repaired and upgraded, and the player is given more army points to use. Maybe the AI (oooor other players... this could be a pretty intense PvP mode!) is reactive and places anti-air defenses after being pounded by wyverns. Maybe they've added a couple of barriers on that one lane you sent 3 million kobolds down last wave. Who knows? Maybe the AI has absolutely ridiculous tower stats and is just littering the map with electric auras? YOU JUST DON'T KNOW. You're THE OVERLORD OF EEEEVILLLL!!! - you're not paid to know these things. You're paid to destroy it. Anyways, the player wins the challenge if they can succeed in destroying one of the main cores. I think that the maps we have in DD2 (with the sub-cores) could work really well for this kind of challenge, because players could use early waves to take out the sub-cores if they wanted, which would open up new routes for them to drop lane mobs, or they could just try to take out as many defenses as possible in preparation for a big push. So yeah, I don't know if something like this is possible but I think the concept could be fun. It could always be re-flavored as like... "War Camp Infiltration" or something and instead have spawnable armies of soldiers, archers, wizards and monks trying to take down an orc/goblin spawner (aka THE CRYSTAL). I have no segue to a conclusion here... so just let me know what you think..? Trendy devs: what's the cost of bribing you to make this happen? Call me. PS. MY LIFE IS SO PATHETIC THAT I NEARLY DIED FOR THIS IDEA. Remember me... Or don't. You've probably got more important things to think about, like bowel movements or something.
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