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  1. This isn't going to be a particularly positive post having just rage-quitting the game while trying to progress through chaos 5 after one single little s**ty skeleton decided to walk backwards up a lane and destroy a gate lock. Could I have sold a load, rebuilt a section of the map and still completed it? Maybe. Should I have to? Hell no! I get that cores and sub-objectives are supposed to be fragile in the higher tiers but this should penalise you when your defences fail or you don't block a lane properly, not when something walks the wrong way back up a lane after a split. Please, please,
  2. This.... SOOOO much. I understand not only giving legendary chests but please restrict it to mythic and above. I feel like there's enough RNG on the gear already that this won't make it that much quicker to get the gear you want. Also, I think the chances of getting a legendary chest should scale with your win streak. E.g first win: 10% chance, 2nd win: 20% chance... 10th win: 100% chance.
  3. You don't have to be a neckbeard (love the metaphor) to get iPwr, it's common sense: bigger number = better gear. Yes there's some nuance about which stats are better for your build but if people don't get that, iPwr won't make a difference because they're already ignoring speed because it's always a smaller number etc. I'm in the same boat as you; thanks to the work of others, I have some idea what's going on but nowhere near as good an understanding as before.
  4. +1 for iPWR or something to indicate what gear is. I haven't played for about 4 weeks so I'm sitting here with the gear values spreadsheets open on another monitor checking which of my heroes are wearing a full set of C3 gear before I go and play C4. I'm sure everyone would agree that having to do this is just dumb. I get the desire not to show an internal value in the UI but players actually like it. Look at WoW for example, Blizzard didn't add ilvl to the UI until Wrath, but EVERYONE was using mods to show it before then as it's just plain useful.
  5. I think if you have an empty slot, that will count against you as well wont it?
  6. Also, make sure you put your reports on the bugs forum: https://bugs.dungeondefenders2.com/home/bug/905/siege-roller-gets-stuck-in-spawn
  7. I'd suggest adding your report to the thread on the bugs forum: https://bugs.dungeondefenders2.com/home/bug/905/siege-roller-gets-stuck-in-spawn
  8. Love the idea but at that point, I'd suggest a name change. All your heroes should be called your deck and the individual groups of heroes should be called something else, like "hands" to fit in with the card metaphor. Having your "deck" be 4 cards you've picked from your, uhhhhhh, "full deck" (?!?!?) is just confusing.
  9. Then why don't I have this problem in ANY OTHER UDK coded game??? It's Trendy not Unreal I think that it might affect other Unreal games but other developers choose not to bind the tilde,
  10. Great idea, although I'd use it for the opposite reason! I have a bunch of heroes that I don't use since the update so I'd love to stick them out of the way at the end of the deck.
  11. This, so much of this. Seriously, if it takes X seconds to spawn all the mobs for a wave, set a timer for 1.1*X and when that timer fires, kill anything that's still in a spawner. I agree that this should not still be happening and yes, this isn't the right fix but for those of us who have something stuck, it's better than spending 45 minutes (screenshots in bugs forum) killing a stuck roller!
  12. I think the random element is fine, it's cool getting whole shards rather than some indirect token but I agree, there should be some way of trading them. I'd suggest something like being able to buy 1x C1 shard in exchange for 5x campaign shards; 1x C2 for 5x C1 etc. etc.
  13. When are you going to fix the default keybindings so they don't cause random keys to open the console for non-US players? We need to feel the love!
  14. Assuming that the first description is referring to Gato Fireworks, the numbers don't add up: 3 x 830 = 2490. Sounds like a good change overall and I'm really happy to see more detail on how the abilities scale; really hoping we can get something similar in for hero abilities soon (or at least on a wiki or something).
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