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  1. after learning you cant gain better gear than nm4 gear unless you have chaos gear and yet cant complete chaos levels from the very gear that it drops, I deleted all my gear, all my inventory with the hopes of experiencing the game again new and fresh. but I lost all joy. over 1500 hours and im out. laters
  2. Thank you for all your replies Its great to see a supportive community. To clear some things us I have been completing maps that are on the trial playlist and still I only get the standard shard.
  3. is the chances unbelievably low to gain shards or is it meant to be that hard. i feel no progress from winning chaos 3 with the skim of my teeth.
  4. will there be an inclusion of a storage box separate to the current inventory system. opening inventory space and preventing any "selling" accidents.
  5. Not complaining I have my methods of being able to afk safely anyway. I do think its important to keep discussing matters such as these otherwise they will never be fixed.
  6. yeh after a certain amount of waves gear is 690+. I afk and do other things so its not a big deal plus i average 730 Ipwr accross all characters so this style of grind is all I can do. I don't usually do onslaught but i saw in patch notes the loot was changed. Did not notice it though..
  7. yeh i just quit after wave 38. takes too long
  8. wave 34 throne room........ takes over 20 minutes for one round. 1559 of tiny goblins = 0 challenge = no reward.
  9. indeed I have the same problem. Im sure the devs are aware of it.
  10. I have 5 heroes all above 700 ipwr and i plan to start from scratch. play solo campaign with just abyss lord. plan to start fresh and really experience the progression aspect of the game. I would probably replace my current huntress tower gear on abyss lord depending or strong he is once reached 50.
  11. Just a suggestion for my fellow defenders. After witnessing the nice buff to the training dummy's health I am still noticing their quick destruction regardless of how high their health bar is. My suggestion is that Automation does not solely affect barriers but the training dummy as well.
  12. This mentality right here. This is whats wrong with the world, people who think like this. lol are you relating this game 'mentality' to real life. lol thats so sad it hurts
  13. 'exploiters' in gaming are never the problem and should never be what you stated, 'banned, warned etc', because the problem does not lie with the people exploiting the issue but the incompetence of the game developers allowing this to happen. I guarantee you no 'exploiters' actually think they are doing something wrong and most likely think it is apart of the game itself. If the game allows it, then do it.
  14. Personally Ill try the new squire Dummy build since its been useless since release, keen to see how that plays out. I probably wont touch the apprentice because i feel frosty is too op to compensate and i dont have enough defense health. I might use the monk Lighting aura fists instead of using the purge ability, might make auras more viable again rather than mass traps I dont use geysers anymore since the big nerf but we'll see how good it is on release :)
  15. lightning : Will the katkarot pet ability be enhanced or changed. lightning: will premium skins actually get the pet abilities that are advertised
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