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  1. Vanilla Cappuccino 1 sugar is my reason to wake up every day
  2. But in all seriousness, please put in a ticket at support.trendyent.com Laughing so much hahahhahaha
  3. It will be available on other platforms very soon. Like very soon. No more exclusive map for xbox then xD
  4. they are actually considering a "shard book" much like a spell book concept. That would be FANTASTIC! Now I can't wait for it :P
  5. I like the shard system a lot, but as others said here - They stack up too much in inventory and its not fun.. but I like the effects and specialities
  6. I voted for him during beta, would have been cool to have it :( But I'm sure they'll integrate him in DD2 eventually !
  7. There are several bugs that sometimes prevents the players from entering the game.. It's being worked on and actually there's already a patch thats just waiting for Microsoft's confirmation (xbox one).. It's a really good game so be patient and dont give up :) (You can always use the SPAM A tactic!)
  8. Are you saying that after gearing ALL available heroes and playing them to the maximum? There are plenty of heroes (at the moment) which are all fun and have different ways to play them, I'm sure Trendy will release more heroes once in a while but for now let them focus on bug fixes :)
  9. I feel you bro, I have all the toons on PC except for the Dryard and the Mystic and LOTS of skins and full bags etcetc.. but my graphic card died on me and it saddened me so much xD farewell GTX 660 and welcome back to my SUPER UBER OLD graphic card GeForce 9500 GT that won't run anything ever xD
  10. I can't remember properly but I think if it rots you can't hatch it anymore..
  11. At the moment console version is same as PC version with all content except for Xbox 1 that has a new exclusive map called Revenge of the Yeti.. They said they aim to keep all the version the same but in console its a bit more problemetic than PC so they'll update consoles as well but probably after several days\weeks.
  12. Follow the dev's tracker once in a while.. It's not like they're ignoring us! They are working on new patches and fixes constantly.. for xbox1 the patch is already waiting for Microsoft's confirmation while for the PC/PS4 version they are hoping to release a new patch in the beginning of next week. Have patience mate!
  13. Yeah sounds good mate, I'm also level 50, playing Abyss Lord got really good defenses so playing with someone who actually knows how to play instead of people who just place defenses on portals or start the game early or block my defenses with their crap defenses might be nice! Lets hope the xbox update comes before weekend! my gamer tag is Vitanous
  14. Lets decide this after they actually deliver patches.. Yeah its taking way too long but wait before saying stuff like this.. They just released this topic: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/146124/see-answer PC/PS4: We're targeting another patch early next week to fix some of the more recent reported issues relating to the launch patch. Xbox One: A new build with several fixes, most importantly the crashing ones is currently awaiting Microsoft's verification. We are working with Microsoft in hopes that we can get the patch to you before this weekend!
  15. I was also annoyed by it until a saint called rdeal came and said: select the character you want to change costume on then goto your wardrobe press A once and then b, then choose costume, once costume is chosen press LB to wtich tabs then B to exit and you should be wearing the costume you want.
  16. Hello, Defenders! A small update here! Over the weekend and into today our investigation continued into the root cause of the server issues we've been experiencing. The list of possibilities is down to just a handful at this point and we are looking into fixing the problems we're seeing before we reach this upcoming weekend. A few hours ago we deployed another server fix so there's less chance of a region dying completely. You likely noticed this is what happened a few days earlier and we were unable to recover US East which unfortunately meant all Xbox players were limited to EU Ireland only. The system that handles DD2 is much more stable today than the week before with various patches which allows us to allow even more users in. This also allows us to focus our attention more on the overall server issues themselves. PC/PS4: We're targeting another patch early next week to fix some of the more recent reported issues relating to the launch patch. Xbox One: A new build with several fixes, most importantly the crashing ones is currently awaiting Microsoft's verification. We are working with Microsoft in hopes that we can get the patch to you before this weekend! Hope to have good news for you all soon on Xbox related stuff and more server stability! Thank you once again for your patience and support :)
  17. Wow good job getting so far!! I've only reached the Harbinger's Ship in campaign ! :P Love the shark pet! Thanks for the info on how to get it :)
  18. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/146037/see-answer?scrollTo=1287092#boxreply
  19. No there will probably wont be any offline option because it'd be easy to 'hack' and ruin the game with stupid item stats and stuff (if you played DD1 you should know of it, a squire level 1 entering a game with a sword that has 9999999 dmg 999999 range 999999 speed etc etc) Anyways, it would be convenient if there was an offline mode but I really hope it won't happen as people will surely find the way to ruin it for others.
  20. I'm pretty sure there won't be any linking\transferring between PC version to console versions.. I'm on the same exact boat like you lol, spent over $180 (gladly!) on PC... few weeks ago my graphics card died on me and I'm too poor\lazy to replace it so I just waited for the console release and starting from scratch over there.. It's a bummer but nothing to do about it...
  21. It's really annoying and a terrible painful experience I know but please don't forget - as hyped as you were about this - hundreds if not thousands of other people were as well.. I'm guessing they did not expect such a heavy load on servers and they promised a patch very soon.. Lets hope it all gets fixed soon and in the meanwhile - SPAM A!!!!!!!!! ♥
  22. You're free to state your opinion, but your freedom ends where someone else's starts. Everyone is welcome here to give their opinion, but your opinion is blatantly insulting the effort Trendy is putting into the game and telling how to do their job, which, despite not going as good as it should, is REALLY good. I don't give a rat's ass about how many years you have defended your country. That doesn't give you the right to throw crap on someone else's business. It never did, and it never will. You willingly doing that doesn't mean you should be congratulated for doing it. You did your job. So does Trendy and the cashier at the supermarket. I respect you for your dedication, but that doesn't make you "holier" than anyone. You just can't tell people to not be childish while you're trying to do "less" off of someone by purposely mistyping his name while you can just scroll a bit, or copypaste it, following with a "or whatever your name was". If you really want to have the right to stomp someone else's work and say what you said in your first post without giving a care about how bad they might feel about it, that only makes you as good as the people you defended your country against. Don't be childish. Saying "it's MY opinion" doesn't give you the right to say anything you want no matter the consequences or how it could make other people feel. +1 Love this lol
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