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  1. Please tell me there is a specific map i can farm to increase the drop chance of this? I have put so many hours into this game since it was patched into the game and it just doesn't want to drop. I just want to try out the damn build and all this RNG is killing me. How to please RNG gods?
  2. I find the large defenses annoying, although the size of the blockades, arcane shields and PDT are welcome. I find the larger footprint of the defenses even more annoying.
  3. While i personally don't think it is necessary, I appreciate the dedication this man is showing. Good on him, big thumbs up in my opinion.
  4. You could make them visible to only the person who has them. I may pay for something like that.
  5. I got the legendary passive while i was on my apprentice, same story with my friend. Couldn't find it on monk, but as soon as i switched... BAM passive.
  6. Thank you for the comments peeps, i guess ill be doing pet grinding and ogre grinding on separate maps. I appreciate the insight.
  7. I am currently finding it fairly hard to get pet affection. If i am just being impatient let me know. 8 rounds of onslaught, and i have gained around 2.5 pet affection levels. I am currently on free play, normal onslaught mode (ipwr 65) and it just seems to take forever. Does being on a harder difficulty affect the rate at which the pet gains affection, or is it purely timed based? Does the pet need to be attacking enemies constantly to level faster? Do pet kills make it level faster? How does affection work? Tips and pointers appreciated! If there is already a thread/wiki on this please point me in the right direction and close the thread.
  8. Just started having some weird cpu issues today. So i recently started having my CPU shoot up to 100% usage while playing today no matter what i'm doing in game. All the while my GPU usage is 20-40%. I have not had a single issue with this game until now, and it only started today. While my cpu usage is at 100% my cpu temp starts shooting through the roof and caps at 80*C. I have not change any video options and have always run the game on High. I have also tried various other games like KF2 and BL pre-sequel and my cpu goes no where near 100%. Any thoughts? I have ordered thermal paste in the event that it comes down to me cleaning the old crap off and applying a new coating. I know this is an alpha game (not fully optimized) and this gamed seemed more cpu intensive than gpu intensive from the moment i started playing it. I have also noticed a TON of skipping/teleporting around while i am running (only in tavern with at least one other person), as well as my FPS not staying consistent even with my gpu not even hitting 50% usage. Also when hitting 100% cpu usage my fps obviously shoots down to to 15-20s, but still does not take advantage of my gpu. Since this has become an issue i have not entered a game and have stayed in tavern. EDIT: I decided i would stay in game even after my CPU hits 100%, turns out it stays at 100% for 5-30 seconds after a load screen and 15-30 seconds when alt tabbing. I also decided to play a game, gpu hits 55% sometimes but goes no higher while cpu fluctuates from 50-60% usage. This game use to run much smoother. Specs: i5-2500k (not oced ) 660ti gpu (not oced) 16 gb ram Win 7 64-bit pro.
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